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Winding a Juki8700 Bobbin

October 9, 2019

Today we’re going to be working on
winding your bobbin on a Juki 8,700 industrial machine. There are bobbins
available for purchase in the k-state bookstore and they’re likely to look
like this. They can either be in a version with holes or with out holes.
Today we’re going to be focusing on the right side of your industrial machine. Place your thread on the spool holder and inserting from the back to the front, we’re going to then bring our thread downwards and moving now from left to
right we’re inserting our thread into that top thread guide right above the
tension disc. At this point we’re going to draw your thread towards the back and
underneath and bring it towards the front of the machine, at this point you
can either find the small slit in your bobbin that does not have holes in it or
one of the holes in the bobbins that do and you’re going to use those guides to
hold your thread in place so that the thread doesn’t unevenly wind around your bobbin. Insert your thread through that slit or the hole and we’re going to place
this on the shank on the front of your machine bobbin winder, at this point you
can lock your bobbin into place by pushing the mechanism forward from here you can press on your foot
shuttle and your bobbin will begin to wind when your bobbin is full the mechanism
will pop back out of position an important thing to note when working
with the machine is that you do not have your needle threaded while winding your
bobbin if your needle is threaded while you’re winding it will cause thread to
gather and tangle underneath the machine this is especially important if you are
practicing the tying off method and the machine is already threaded at this
point. You can remove your bobbin from the spool and cut your remaining thread
free from the bobbin itself. Always remember to turn your spool holder back
into the correct position and remove the thread that is not being used from the
bobbin holder in order to avoid having any additional tangles within the belt
of the machine.

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