Vintage Bertram Metal Lathe Restoration – Hand Forged Spanner Wrench for Stuck Spindle Bolt Removal

October 9, 2019

I have the spindle nut and I need a way
of getting this nut off it has been bought and out all the way tightened
down as much as they possibly could tighten it tighten it and I couldn’t
remove it I had no tool to remove it this is what I have obviously it’s not
gonna work too well so the plan is let’s make a wrench that will fit that
perfectly and then see if we can spin it off let me give you a little bit of
closer look have what the issue is here so if you look inside this nut almost a
really a bolt rather than a knot this is the nut
it’s just hollow the same diameter on the inside is the shaft to allow
material to pasture and that is the surface that is rubbing right on here
and it is worn both surfaces are worn quite a bit I’m not sure if this was
intentionally set in or whether it was actually worn down to that distance this
has a lubrication port right up here which feeds oil it’s very very tiny
location up in here so if we’ll have a steady flow of oil for lubrication now
lubricate this joint as well I would prefer something a little different I
think I’m going to replace this with a bronze piece on the end we’ll see about
that a little bit later on I may need to replace the entire part as well so let’s give it a try and see if it
actually will do the jump well seems to be working it’s very stuck one last push let’s see if we can get it
mmm look at that okay I cheated I already broke the nut
and ahead of time sorry about that but it took a vote half an hour to get to
this point but it did work and when I discovered when I did this was I wasn’t
white quite what I thought the part that I thought was a nut is a bolt and
there’s a lock nut built in now which is a pretty good idea it’s pretty simple
see there so what they would do is set the depth to lock the spindle spindle in
plate and then set the lock nut obviously then preventing it from
backing off with vibration or not so that’s a good a good system I did the
trick pretty happy about it
I think what I’ll do for now because I’m not sure what I want to do with this do
I want to replace it is it there’s a fair amount of damage here it looks like
somebody drilled an extra hole all the way through for some reason I don’t
really know why is I have this bronze bushing it will fit in here it’s a
little bit loose a little loose from my taste but anyway that’ll allow me to
back this off a little bit take up the end play here and then the bronze will
will act as a good bearing surface temporarily so we’ll give that a try so I’ll fiddle with that a little bit
more later to fine tune it but I call this a successful project if you liked
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