Ultimate Guide To Sewing Machine Needles

How to Sew

We get it sewing machines can do a lot of different things blah blah but we don’t care! We just want to make our clothes fit better! So we really only need to know about two different needles. And yes there’s certain needles that you want to use for certain jobs. But just because you’re using that needle doesn’t mean that it can’t do other things. Okay let me give you an example. You can use a denim needle on a t-shirt perfectly fine. But it’s probably not going to do a very good job. You might end up breaking the needle or you might end up with some skipped stitches and it’s just all of that nonsense. Now you and your machine it probably came with a needle right? Good! Well that needle right there that needle is probably this big over allen compassing Universal needle.

And a universal needle is just that. It can sew everything. And I use a universal needle on well pretty much everything. I use it on t-shirts. I use it on dress shirts. I use it on dress pants. And I even use it on denim sometimes which I’ll explain in a second. Oh and there’s some numbers on the side of the needle which I’ll get to that too just don’t worry! Now denim needles are just that, denim needles are made for denim. Can you use a denim needle on a t-shirt? Yeah, but it’s not made for that. And when I say denim I mean that thick old school cowboy from Wyoming who doesn’t know how to quit you kind of denim.

Now modern denim in my experience is completely different. And I use a universal needle on most of my denim because a lot of modern-day denim is actually a lot thinner than old school denim. And they end up putting a lot of like things like rayon in them to make them like a little bit more elastic which to me is great because I got to do something for this big old badonkadonk! But hey SD my machine didn’t come with a needle. What do I do! Okay you can go on Amazon and you can find some needles but it might not say Universal needle or denim needle. It might have some numbers on there. But what do those numbers mean I don’t get it I’m so confused! Just don’t worry those numbers just kind of mean how big is a shaft.

One number is European and the other number is American. American sizes go from 8 to 19.8 is for thinner fabrics and 19 is for thicker fabrics. And European sizes go from 60 to 120.60 is for thinner fabrics and I’m going give you one guess as to what 120 is. You got one guess! Okay you can you can have a couple cuz I like you! Now what they actually do is it’s kind of confusing but it’s not confusing at the same time. They combine both of those numbers with the European number coming first and the American number coming second. So that means 60 – 8 is going be for thinner fabrics. And it’s going work its way all the way up to 100 – 16 for thicker fabrics like denim or canvas.
Okay I get that SD but you were talking earlier about a universal needle. You didn’t say anything about numbers what’s a universal needle? Okay relax a universal needle is really kind of just straight down the middle. It’s going be around 80 – 12 somewhere around there.

And yeahit can handle a lot of different types of materials but like we talked about it’s not necessarily going do a great job at everything. I had to find that out the hard way. So upgrading your needle should be priority number one when you get a sewing machine. Because nothing sucks more than going and tailoring address shirt and then you have your needle break. Like honestly, right in the middle your needle will break. And then you got to explain to your family why there’s a sewing machine with a dress shirt tucked into it’s sitting on the dining room table when everybody’s ready to eat dinner. You’re like “shut up, I’m going to Jo-ann fabrics after we’re done eating pizza ok get off my back!” So if you see numbers on the side of your needle and not names or anything else just follow this guide. Oh and you might see a needle that’s made for stretch fabrics to get that they’re awesome! They’re really good for work out pants and they’re like 2 bucks!.


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