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October 23, 2019

(explosive sounds) – [Narrator] So hello everybody. David from and quick, quick, quick really quick video regarding the DDL-8700. We had many many questions regarding the some of the recent Juki
that we shipped out. If you see this bobbin going in and out, (bobbin clicks) it’s a little bit loose
and when you put it on, sometimes the bobbin, it doesn’t turn. In this case, it does turn. But sometimes when it’s
really lose, it won’t turn. So I had another video,
I’ve done a video before, I’m gonna show you again. You see this slit right
inside the spindle? Just get a small tiny screwdriver, put it in there and just open it up. Try by turning it. See? Open it up. When you put your bobbin back in there, it’s gonna be (bobbin clicks)
really tight. That way it’s gonna work. Second question was, this thread is for bobbin winder which comes and goes through the tension, and comes, around the bobbin winder, you push this thumb. Goes in and you’re done. Now, if you see your
thread is really tight, which somebody called me. This is the tension screw. Tension guide, you just tighten it. Tighty or loosy. And that’s how you get
thread tension on the bobbin. Another question that I had, what is this? This is a reverse handle. So when you put down The fabric is gonna start going backwards. They wanted to know what is this. And this is the stitch length from zero all the way to five millimeter. And it’s lefty, am I right, yeah? Lefty loosy, righty tighty. And this is where the
mark is for the number. This is an LED lamp that
we provide for you guys. Now this is pretty normal. When you guys wanna take the thread out, all you have to do is
press the knee-lifter and as you press the knee-lifter,
the foot will come up and you just wiggle the wheel and just by wiggling it or
turning it back and forth, and pushing the knee-lifter up, you could easily take this one out. Now, I’m shorthanded today,
I’m doing the video myself, but it will easily come out,
it will not break the thread. I want you to also see
when I do the knee-lift, the disk here gets disengaged, meaning the disk comes
back, the thread is loose, and the thread moves. So by doing that, you
could get more thread out. Regarding the stuff that
comes with the machine. I’ve been over this many times. A cover, a part book or owner’s manual, two screwdrivers and some needles, one bobbin. And if you look at our new tech table, you’ll see that the recent
tables have changed. We have a very nice, very hard, (horn beeps) drawer that we use. And I’m sorry for the
noise in the background, this is the shipping dock that we’re trying to do the video from. As you receive the
machine, sewing machine, please do not run the machine
without the oil in there. Do not. You must put the oil in there. Everything, everything
that you got inside. Somebody called me yesterday
and told me he used like quarter of the bottle. You want it to go all the way in and it has to go all the way to the high. Okay? This is the pump and this is normal that this
string is hanging, okay? Now some of you guys, if you see when you put the
sewing machine in the table, if you see that it’s unbalanced, it doesn’t have to be
100% flat right here. You’ve got one millimeter
or two millimeters away, it’s perfect, it’s normal. Okay? This, there is no screw for here. The thumbscrew, the same thumbscrew that you buy for your feet,
you could buy for here. This is the place that
you put all the folder, bias folders and all different
types of folders right there. Plate and feet dock. There are four or five different styles, from light, medium, medium-heavy,
heavy and super heavy for denim jeans. Thousands and thousands
of different feet we have. We have many styles of size of needles. And the thread, the sky’s the
limit with what we have here. Polyester. If you guys go to our
website,, you’ll see what we have. The table is never snow
white, it is not a snow white. It is white. I dunno, ivory white? What do you call this? Ivory white. Beautiful, beautiful color. All right, again, foot tension pressure. You could adjust it left and right, okay? For the foot pressure. This is a pin that the head will rest, you could go back and rest the head on it. K leg. No brushless motor, servo
motor, adjustable speed. What else do we need to talk about here? Some of the tables that go
out might not have this. I tried to You know, we have thousands and thousands of tables going out, so sometimes it’s very hard to, you know, make sure every one has
one of these, but the tray. I could tell you, I promise you, 99% of these machines have the tray. You get the thread stand. This is going assembled to a customer. So he’ll get the thread too
or she’ll get the thread too. K legs, everything’s done. We try the machine before we send it out. It’s very simple. Very easy machine to work with. Many options for sewing,
different types of feet. And this is an 8700. If you want 8700H, you
will see a tiny H stamped right after the 8700. And one of the things
that you gotta make sure, the threading. This is very important,
the way you thread. Okay, everything has to be loose. Excuse the boxes of the
bling-bling in the back. You see, it’s coming down, the thread, going through this, tension guide, a small tension guide, coming through the guide again. Just follow the There are many YouTube videos that I have. Coming down, going around the tension, coming down and when you pull the thread, you gotta make sure you see that. You see that? The tensioning? Going back up, through this
thread puller up and down. Coming behind the thread guide. And then thread inside, left to right. And then when you sew. (machine whirs) Voilà. We’ve got this back and forth. We’ve got this beautiful,
beautiful stitch. Bobbins 2-7-0-0-1-0 I have all of these on website. Bobbin case, you might need a
couple of bobbin case extra. Some bobbins. On and off. There’s a fuse. And everything that you need
comes with the sewing machine, you don’t have to worry about anything. Everything, and here, right now, I’m gonna try the bobbin winder. You see? (machine whirs)
It’s working. Done deal. Thank you for watching. David from I think we’re, I could
say number one dealer of the Juki sewing machine
in the United States. Call me, let me know what you need. I have very good pricing. Thank you for watching. (opera music)

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