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Tuck, Stockinette, Slip, Stockinette stitch

October 24, 2019

somebody had recently asked about using
the tuck stitch along with some stockinette stitch and yes you can do that on this machine the S K one fifty five what you’re going to do is I have the number one card so
this is going to be like a mock seed stitch but I set my cam to tuck now I�m going to knit a few hours of that and actually on the end stitch where it did not knit if you want to knit that, just bring that needle
out and then hand knit that last stitch this one here it would be better if I had
it on the side on the carriage to do that But if you need that knit stitch going up the side that’s the way to do it So now I want to do stockinette I can do one of two things, I
could lock the crd in place so it doesn’t advance I couldn’t leave it unlocked and the card will advance But I am going to put my cam to stockinette now I don�t know if it is in the picture there and let me do it, watch the card is the is going to adcance And what is going to happen as the cam is set to stockinette, It is not going to do a tuck stitch here I think you can see, there is the tuck stitch here and here is the stockinette
0:02:20.849, 0:02:24.039
now I want to do some stockinette just put the cam back to stockinette and here is the finish a little piece now you can see that the tuck stitch did
come out wider than stockinette or even the slip stitch but you could see how I have the tuck
stockinette, slip Stockinette with just changing my
carriage my cam setting on the carriage and here is the knit side of the fabric


  • Reply B Moyer May 21, 2013 at 12:04 am

    thanks for making this Roberta, so I don't have to reset anything, just change the carriage dial once I start knitting? Very interesting.

  • Reply Roberta Rose Kelley May 21, 2013 at 12:10 am

    No, just set your cam to Stst and work how many rows you need, then back to tuck. See the card will select the needles, you don't see that but it happens, the carriage is what will do the tuck, slip, fair isle, and punch or thread lace. Now I did try the FI that way but it knitted both yarns on some needles so that one doesn't work as what I shown. Very glad that I can show that to you and others.

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