Taking help of Mom to Use Sewing Machine


So, mom is there anything that I do to get on your nerves? So I remember when I first started sewing it was really intimidating, and I was afraid I was going to break your machine. So I think it would be good if you can kind of give us a refresher. OK, all machines area little different, but they all have to have certain similarities. So, Mom, I want you to go part by part through each of these sewing machines and tell me what they do and how I should be using them. And then we’re going to do a simple project. OK.

What is the Process

Let’s get started. You start by putting your spool here, and the bobbin will go here. Now that we have the spool on here, we’re going to follow the diagram. This says one. This one wraps around this way, and then we’re going to start threading the bobbin. This should clip down. Then you’re ready to thread the bobbin. After the bobbin has been threaded, you take it off and unwind all of this. Now we’re going to thread the machine. And one thing that’s important is to make sure that the presser foot is up. If you try to thread it when the presser foot’s down, it won’t work. And this is the feed dog, and it pulls the A feed dog? thread through. Yeah, you don’t have to feed it. OK, now we’re following the directions. One, two, three, four. This lever has to be up.
You can turn it with your flywheel. And it goes behind, and then it catches, back down through. Then there’s a little place on top of the needle that holds it where it’s supposed to be. I need someone younger with better eyesight to thread the needle. Some machines thread left to right, but this one is front to back. So where does the bobbin go in this machine? In this machine, it goes underneath the needle. This is the housing for the bobbin. So you put it in and then hold it in, and then there’s a little indention, and it’ll catch on that. And then you pull it up, and it comes out the lever at the top.
When you look down, there’s a little place that it has to go. The last thing we’re going to do is pull up the bottom– the bobbin thread. And if you’ll hold this thread taut and using your flywheel go around, it should pull it up as a loop. And then you pull the loop through. And both the bobbin and the top spool thread go through and pull to the back. And at that point you can close this little door. So Mom, is there anything that I do to get on your nerves? How much time do we have on this video? No, you’re the sweetes little thing that ever was. You went from one extreme to the other. I do not mean to roll my eyes, but I have gotten in trouble for it my whole life.

Remember the Little Things

So now that we have these wing machine threaded and I’ve learned some new things about sewing, we’re going to make a really simple project that’s just straight lines, and it’s something you can give your mom for Mother’s Day actually. We’re going to make a little eye pillow. We’ve already cutout the fabric. All fabrics have a right and wrong side, and the right side is where the design and the colors are real bright and clear. Flip it over, and you’ll see the wrong side. We’re going to put right sides together. Lay it down and line it up. Now we’re ready to go. So we’re going to put the fabric in and drop the presser foot lever. This is the only time it’s ever down is when you’re sewing.
How close should you be sewing to the edge of the fabric? The average seam is 5/8 of an inch, and most of these wing machines have little indications here that tell you how wide you’re seam is going to be. Start it a little bit. Start it with your peddle, and then start the flywheel a little. And then go back to set your seam. Every machine is different as to where the reverse is. This one is right up here. When you go around the corners, just do the rounded corners. That’s a lot easier. We left an opening hereto put the flax seed in, and I back stitched on both ends to set the thread. So we start about here and trim the seam before we turn it. That’ll make it a lot easier to do. And then we’re going to turn it right side out.


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