Snap on Feet for Industrial Sewing Machines


This 15 piece is also included a high shank and a low shank adapter. All right, now. Obviously the low shank is for little bitty sewing machines like this one, you know, the portable one that we have and the way it works we just go ahead and put it on and then we could use all the snap on foot. Now, if you don’t have any one of these things, you should always have them, you should get them if you have an older model sewing machine that doesn’t come with an adapter and it comes with something like this already in there, which already has the shank, you might want to get this shank. Because then you could use so many, many different types of snap on foot like this one. So this is for a little bitty sewing machine, okay? Home sewing machine.

Do the Essential Things

But what we’re going to do today, we’re going to use this full assortment of feet on an industrial sewing machine. I get phone call after phone call regarding if they could use the snap on feet on this machine, and yes, you could. If you use the high shank adapter. Now, a lot of people before they get to an industrial machine like Juki 8700 that we have here, they have home sewing machine, and I’m sure they have many, many type of snap on feet. So what they need to do if you get one of these kits, which comes with 15 pieces, or just buy one of these.

All you have to do is take, you’re going to come here Jasmine, all you have to do is to go ahead and take off your feet, right. Did it open up? I don’t know why they tighten it so hard. All right, take it out, okay, now you actually could even use the quick change, right? You could do this one too as well if you want for the high shank, meaning you could have this on for this one too. But I’m not going to use the quick change, I’m going just put this on, okay. Put it on and tight it. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

Let me get this off this. So this is a Juki industrial machine high shank. You could use this on Consew, New-Tech, okay? So now, let’s say you want to use the Teflon feet, all you have to do bring this down and you’re good to go. Right, and then, are we on? Yes. And then, sew. All right, or, now if you want just change it, bring it down. There are many, many types. You cannot use the one with the shank, right? Only the one you could use the zipper foot. You got to move the fabric but you could do it. All this type of foot, cording foot, zipper foot. This could be zipper foot or cording foot. The satin stitch foot. This is the foot that is actually on the 8700-H, the heavy duty Juki8700-H for heavy stuff.

So the straight, I mean if you want do heavy stuff, and see, the reason I’m showing you this because it’s not going even, it’s going be right the needle, you don’t need to do any needle positioning. Now, all of these things, every single one of these things, that come with this machine, like hemming foot, cording foot, this is invisible zipper foot clear. This darning foot you cannot use because it has the shank. This shirring foot you cannot use because you have the shank and this walking foot you cannot use because it has the shank, but the rest of this stuff, or any snap on foot, you could use with the high shank sewing machine, like Juki 8700.

Now, I have over 500 different types of snap on foot. If you just want use the snap on foot, you could use it. Now a snap on foot is not as hard as an industrial sewing machine foot, right? But if you have these already and you don’t want spend money, all you have to do is get one of these high shank. Are you showing that? Adapter that we have it on our web site, and you’re good to go. I just wanted to share this with you. Go on our website. The item number for this set is skew number 1282, it’s for $19.99. It’s for 15 feet. You’re not going get a better deal than this.


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