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sewing machine review

October 24, 2019

Hi everybody welcome back to my channel clever clover kids my name is Fatima and today, I will be showing you how to use this sewing machine So let’s get started so basically First I will be showing you you know this thing how to bring it down and up so we have two on the back Turn it over, and then there’s gonna be this like Liver thing you’re gonna put it down to make it go down, so you want down add to make it go up You have to bring it up See did you see I’m moving so next I will be showing you how to open This So basically there’s a button right here that will open it like a bit, then you have to bring it up like that and You close it like it closed a remote You i will also be showing you how to put the string in so basically you put this and Bring it go all the way over here Put it in through like this Once and then bring it down bring it through this thing and Then And then also truth this bottom thingimajigi it down here We got that through and then there’s a whole thing right over here, we’re gonna get the string through there Like that you just string a string went all the way from here to there to there to there so now we have The Machine needle here So basically in this you convert this and you have to get Let’s say you have to get this thread thing out of it, and then we have to go and put it through The Machine to needle you have to put it trough- It’s very hard yeah Here I got it through it falls like that see it went trough then you have to get the tread here And I put it through The whole thing right over here, you know this thing right over here So when we get that thread through we should just pull it out so the thread will come out easily so That’s how you worked at thread And now I’ll tell you something about the top see this small thing up here comes out So you can put like Thread threads and stuff in here And The bobbin the bobbins will go here with some of this thread, and then I’ll go down all the way down and hit they’re the machine comes with The plug And a small paddle for it and Also, if you put four double A batteries in here you could work it without a plug and just press this button here It will work. There’s a light button over here and I’m not really sure what this button is But yeah, so and if you want to move this Press push this down and thats it for our video today so plz like subscribe and turn your notifications button on bye

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