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Sewing instructions for a shirt with waterfall neckline

October 24, 2019

The sewing pattern, sewing instructions and detailed photos can be found at: Cutting Cut shirt, waistband and cuffs, transfer all marks of the pattern to the fabric Hemming the Neckline Fold neckline hem under 2 cm (3/4in) until starting/stopping mark indicating the shoulder seam, pin to hold hem in place Finish the neckline with a 3-thread coverstitch Trim excess fabric with appliqué scissors if necessary, press Sewing the Shirt Pin shoulder seam, right sides together Tip: use pins with a colorful head and remove them before they reach the knife Sew shoulder seam, starting at the neckline, secure thread chain Press the shoulder seam against the front side Pin long and short side seam Sew side seams Divide the sleeves and waist into quarters and mark Cuff preparation Right sides together, fold cuffs and waistband matching short sides, pin (or use wonder clips) Sew cuffs and waistband Tip: Try the cuffs and adjust width if desired Press seam to one side Fold the cuffs and pin the open edges On waistband and cuffs mark quarters Attaching Cuffs Attach waistband and cuffs to shirt, right sides together. Stretch cuffs if required due to personal width adjustments Sew waistband and cuffs Secure thread chains with a wool needle Done!


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