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Review on Needle Tatting Needles

October 23, 2019

hello YouTube I wanted to talk to you about the different kinds of needle tatting needles that I have purchased and just make comparison so you can see and have an idea when you go out and buy some so this is the first ones I bought they call handy hand steady needles and then I I ordered these ones right here they call Terry needles comma pad and there’s six of them and these ones are only four okay so the Handy hands terry needles are great because it comes with the size you can see on that let me focus okay you can see on the two it has the size of the needles and it’s not hard to tell which one is which now this one they have no sizes I I can’t tell what size needles they are they just come in just come in like this so another thing is that’s had needles combo pad they’re a little bit shorter than that handyman’s needles let me see if you can see it just a little bit not too too bad you can see I mean they’re both you can use balls they both work great but I would like I like to know what size needles I’m gonna be using when I’m when I’m looking at a pattern and they can tell me but well that was my review on these needles thanks for watching and bye


  • Reply Cinnamon Howard January 15, 2014 at 8:55 pm

    I hope u r having a great day.. yea I agree with u the one with the sizes r much better. .I've done shuttle tatting as well….but like needle tatting better

  • Reply GODSGIRL6721 February 25, 2014 at 2:58 am

    What size needle to what size thread to what sized beads do you use. I want to try some things but need the right size thread and beads. Thank You. You do beautiful work.

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