Play Youtube on Background for free!! Iphone/Ipad over LOCK SCREEN!! NO APPS NEEDED

October 25, 2019

Hi there, This is sampath ram in this video
, i will be showing you how you can play any youtube video or a youtube song even after
you lock the screen like this. For that workaround you don’t need anykind of software/apps nor
you would have to buy a YouTube RedApp which has this feature of playing a youtube video
even after locking your screen. This is how you would do it. Usually when you play by
YouTube app, lemme show you something … so, Its being played now . Let me lock it. Now,
You can’t hear anything. . So, Just like that you can play any video and you can’t keep
playing it when you lock the screen. But, with this trick you can DO IT!! This is how
you do it. Open, Safari Web browser then goto “click “go. Just type
and then click “go” on the bottom. It will take you to the Youtube Mobile Website . now
you can play anything just like you would play on the youtube app. Lets play something..
Now, this is being played.. Lets check it out by locking the screen.
Ohh, its still gone. Here’s the Trick. Pause and click done after unlocking. Now, Pull
up the menu options and you should be able to see the video that you are playing with
the “Play ” button. Meaning you could control it from there. If you hit Play” it will be
playing in the background. Now Lock the Screen!! Works!!Ohooo!:) .. Just like that you can
play any other video and then lock your screen .. It will save you a lot of battery.. so,
remember to make sure you play from the pull up menu and thats how you play it!! So, In the same way, you can browse the Youtube
on Safari and play even when you lock the screen in your Ipad too! Right now, I am using Latest IOSversion 9.3.2
which was released recently. So, You can give it a try. I remember trying
with the previous OS before updating and it was still working! Please do share the video even before the
ios guys get to know about this . otherwise, they will remove this feature because this
is a workaround! which they might not know. and its still working on the latest IOS . I Hope this video helped you!! Thanks So much for watching! If you like this
video, Please give a thumbs up! Do “Subscribe” and “Share” the video with your friends. Pretty
Cool Right!! You don’t need to even buy any apps/anything nor worry about playing on Lockscreen!
🙂 Enjoy! Playing YouTube!! Have a Great Day!! Thanks for watching! Bbye!!!!

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