Online Courses for Designers

Online Course for Designers

To gain knowledge some people go to online fashion design classes. Today we’re going to talk about learning because learning is something that never stops when you’re a designer. When I was getting started with design, I went to design school and I studied a Bachelor of Design with honors in Visual Communication Design but since finishing university and being out in the real world, there’s still a lot more learning to do, things that I perhaps didn’t learn during my degree or just things I need to supplement my learning on. My favorite online course I’ve ever taken is the designer’s pricing class by the NuSchool. Next up is a course that I’m doing at the moment and that is Treehouse.

Now Tree house is an online code school, is basically how I would describe it, and they’ve got many many different tracks that you can take, so rather than purchasing one course, you purchase a subscription and then you can dive in and take as many of the tracks or courses as you like. At the moment, I’m going through the Word press one because the Convert Kitwebsite is built on Word press and so that’s what I need to learn but there’s many others in there and I learned a lot of code basics through Treehouse when I was getting started in this coding journey. Tree house subscription sare $25 a month, I think, and again, it’s well worth it, the quality of all of the tutors and the videos and the lessons are really excellent and really worth your money.

What I like too is that interspersed between video lessons, there’s little tests, so may be it’s a coding test where you have to write something and then it’ll check it or maybe it’s a quiz whereit’s like multi choice but it’s really great for keeping your brain active and making sure that you’re taking in all the information that you’re learning, which can sometimes be a problem for me with online courses so I really appreciate that and if you’re wanting to learn to code, then Tree house is where I would suggest you start. The last one is one of the first online courses that I ever purchased and that is Learn Lettering by Sean McCabe. This is an expensive course, I’m not going to lie, it costs $699 for the master class and I was lucky enough to buy it before the price went up. This is a course, as the name suggests, for learning lettering.

I’m going to be honest, this is a very long course and I’ve not even finished it yet because lettering hasn’t been much of a priority for me but I’ve got access for a lifetime so I know that it’s going to be there for me whenever I want to dive in and take a lesson and I’ve been through quite a bit of it and all of the videos are amazing quality, as you would expect from Sean McCabe because everything he does is amazing quality. And he’s really good at teaching the basics of lettering.

My favorite part of this class, though, and the most value I’ve gotten out of it is the business side, so he’s got several levels of this class, there’s like a start, intermediate, and then the master class, and in the master class, it features not only learning lettering but learning the business side of it as well, how to sell yourself as a lettering designer and be a freelancer, creating lettering for people or for clients, and it’s that business side that I’ve found to be incredibly useful and it’s helped me throughout all of my freelancing projects and he gives a proposal template and a contract template that I still use to this day and for me, that’s what makes this course really worth it is the business side combined with the learning creativity side. So those are some of my favorite online courses and I will say that personal recommendations go a long way when you’re selecting an online course.

I personally like to take something when I can see other people have taken it as well, maybe there’s some testimonials and they can tell me what value they’ve gotten from it so I can judge for myself what value I’ll get from it as well. If you search for the thing you want to learn in Google, you’ll likely come across many different courses but I would say the number one thing to think about when choosing an online course, before parting with your money, is who is teaching it. Understand the course creator’s back story, where they came from, what they do, what the quality of their work is like, and the quality of the rest of their content is like, so it’ll give you a good judge as to what the course will be like as well. Basically just make sure that you’re investing in something that has someone behind it who is a professional, who knows what they’re doing, and can be trusted and you can probably tell this from their social media and the output of their other content, and again, through testimonials.

Making an online course is something that I am planning on doing myself in the future but I’m not quite ready yet, I don’t quite know enough yet to put that into place and I want to ┬ámake sure that when I do create a course, it is absolutely top notch quality and awesome value for anyone who would want to take it, so it’s in the works, but not just yet. I would love to hear about your ideas for courses down below, if there’s anything in particular that you’d want to learn from me, let me know, and we can see if we can make that happen. Thank you for watching, hope you have a good day, and I will see you next time.


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