Looking For An INEXPENSIVE Sewing Machine?

Sewing Machines

Let’s say you want to start tailoring and you go out and you want to buy a sewing machine but you have no idea what to look for. First off, what do you want to do with it cause sewing machines can do a lot of different things. Now I’m not judging you if you want to make things like quilts or eventable cloths for the family Tea Parties. I mean to each their own but for the sake of all these tutorials all we want to do is learn how to tailor and alter our clothes so that we can look better in them and we can feel better in them. So the only thing we need is a machine that lets us dictate how long and spaced out the stitch is, how wide the stitch is, and what type of stitch we can make. And 90%of all mass-produced sewing machines can do just that.

Second, where do you find one and who even makes good ones well you can walk into Target right now and go pick one up or you can bust out your phone out of your pocket and get one offof Amazon. Now I want to answer a question that I’ve seen pop up here and there lately, those small little portable tabletop sewing machines. Are they any good? They are absolutely worth it and they will definitely do what it is that you want them to do. Now sure you’re going to want to stick to thinner materials things like t-shirts and dress shirts and dress pants. Because they’re really not all that well equipped to deal with denim if you want to deal with things like denim or thicker materials then you’re going to kind of want to upgrade a little bit. Now the basic principles of every single sewing machine really haven’t changed all that much in the last like 150 years but the manufacturing process has! They’ve gotten cheaper! Now two brands that will not steer you wrong at all are going to be Singer and Brother.

Important Things to Remember

There’s a couple more out there that are also pretty solid like Kenmore but if you come across like a Singer or a Brother? You’re good. I mean they’ve been making sewing machines since like the Civil War back when it was socially unacceptable for me to like do anything but if you see one definitely take the plunge but as a heads they’re a little bit spendy. They’re going to be about a hundred to 150 bucks which to be honest with you that’s a lot of money to commit to something that you’re not even really sure if you want to stick with. So in that case you can go the used route instead. That is exactly what I do I have a used sewing machine.

It was my mom’s used sewing machine. I’m probably always going to use that sewing machine because it’s the one that I learned on. A used sewing machine from 30years ago will do almost exactly what it is that you want to do and if you look hard enough bro you can probably find one for free. But hang on hang on hang on hang on. The downside to getting a used sewing machine as opposed to a new one is you’re probably not going to get all the accessories that come with it. So you’re probably not going to get any extra bobbins you’re probably not going to get any extra presser feet.

And you’re probably not going to have the instructions to it so then you got to kind of find everything online and pieced it all together. In a lot of ways they’re kind of like used cars you can get a used car that was very well maintained and is going to last you, or you can get one that won’t. If you got one that was well taken care of you’re going to be good, but you might get an older one that was not taken care of and then you end up having to get it fixed. But if you are willing to put in all that legwork compile all the things that you need online and maybe even find someone who knows what they’re looking at to take a look at it to see if it’s actually good? Then it’s probably worth it! Now go get one I will see you on the other side SD out, see ya!.


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