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October 25, 2019

welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing I hate having to do this
all over again anyways um when you see this hopefully I
will be hopefully I will be editing that first part out but anyways welcome this
hour we’re gonna be talking about sewing machines vintage versus modern yes so
sorry about that what happened was yes so the software updated in it threw off
the settings so the microphone was in there but it was like putting it on the
default microphone so sorry about that guys anyway sorry I couldn’t be with you
last week I was I hanging out with some family members we did have a good time
but I am sick yet again so that was great but let me throw off the poll
question from last week to show you the results anyways the over I feel like
we’re starting from scratch but you know whatever and he was hopefully to many of
you didn’t do know so that in the last show I asked how would you write your
sewing skill level and I was kind of surprised by the results most of you
said you were intermediate Sohus so 46 percent or 30 said intermediate 35
percent or 23 said beginner 13 percent or nine of you said advanced and four
percent said you consider yourselves a sewing professional I throw in the
answer curious lurkers just to see if anyone was maybe watching but didn’t sew
but uh you know hey you know what that’s okay too
anyways if you want to participate in this week’s poll question you certainly
can up in your right hand corner of your screen you will see an I click on it and
you’ll see some other recommended videos and you’ll see this week’s poll question
anyways hopefully by the time you’re watching this if you’re watching the
replay I’ll have edited that first part out so you won’t even see it but thank
you for joining me we do this every Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern time we talked
everything sewing and I thought it would be interesting just to chat about your
preference for vintage or ma or modern sewing machines they obviously have very
different features and benefits and also just the styles of how they were made
the materials and I know a lot of us have both vintage and modern sewing
machines I’ve got both and I’m very glad I do but some people have a preference I
thought it would be interesting just to talk about what we like you know what we
don’t like about certain sewing machines and just kind of get it gauge of what
everybody’s into um alright and personal still wanted to
smash the curious lurker I don’t know I like the word lurker I don’t know why
but anyways yeah so okay and or D yes I did repeat I did repeat everything so
hopefully everyone’s cool sorry about the sound oh my gosh this is that’s the
thing so you’re you know how you you’re on your computer and it asks you to like
update stuff and then you feel like you have to update things and then it messes
everything up so my settings were cool and then when I’m you know when I I
don’t know somehow when I like updated it it did not bring in the microphone
like it didn’t recognize the microphone so that kind of sucks
excuse me and I also wanted to ask you guys I’ll throw up the chat window right
now I also wanted to ask you guys what do you guys think of the quality of this
webcam this webcam is pretty old it’s about like 5 or 6 years old if it
bothers you I was thinking about trying to upgrade it a little bit but I’m not
sure if it doesn’t bother you I won’t but if a lot of people are like yeah Jen
you know let’s move into 2018 then I will definitely consider it but let me
know what you think because I I do just kind of want to know where where you’re
at with that but I just want to know you know what you think anyways I will show
you my sewing machines a couple of them so the first machine I bought more like
when I first like got into this whole thing was I bought this machine off of
ebay it’s a singer – OH on – and it was this dude I actually went to pick it up
and I went to pick it up and he had like a house full of sewing machines so
clearly he buys sewing machines he refurbished them and then he resells
them he also threw in that sewing table for free which was cool and gave me some
like accessories and stuff like that I think I don’t know what it was about
this one but I think because it was an antique it was so nice I was kind of
afraid and intimidated to use it I don’t know maybe it’s because I was afraid of
breaking it although now that I know more about sewing machines I know that
these things are pretty much indestructible you can do a lot to them
it’s super heavy this has got to be like 2530 I don’t know like
25 pounds maybe it’s really really heavy and you know and it can be it can be
fixed so okay alright and thank you guys okay
everyone seems to think the web camera is okay so I’m gonna keep going with
what I got then so anyway so this was the first machine I got and I finally
learned to use it after like having it for six months my husband figured out
how to use it and then he showed me how there this is a great machine for lots
of reasons the stitching is fantastic and the Qualla trans very smoothly and I
didn’t from what I didn’t know about vintage machines is that back in the day
when they were new they were super expensive to people buy them like so it
was like buying a car you know you really had a lot most people do buy them
on credit but they were also using them as like a like a business or you know as
kind of a necessary household appliance basically because you made everything so
this machine is great for a lot of reasons but I also have some other
sewing machines and I’ll show you those so I’ve got two two of the machines I’ve
got I’ve got a never sewn spare or 25 and I’ve also got a Janome 7700 these
are both great for other reasons as well you know they’ve got a lot of features
on it they are computerized although that can
be a big ative because you know there’s more things that can break and you know
with the vintage machines you know they’re simpler and they might be easier
to fix so when the like if the you know computer part goes wrong and these
machines you know I don’t know you know I’ve had these for a couple years
both good machines both work well although the stitching on the the singer
does seem a little more hardcore especially for handling bulkier stuff I
guess so that’s what I do like about these you
know there’s there’s obviously benefits there’s advantages and disadvantages
with everything so you know that that’s what it is but uh anyways I am a I’m a
fan of all of them I also have a sale like a more industrial sale right but
for some reason that machine and I are not jiving so I know I’ve been asked to
do some like reviews on it someday I’m going to get around to it but like
there’s just not enough time in the day and I just want to do projects versus
trying to figure that out so I know anyways so let’s read some of your
comments okay and by the way thank you guys for the feedback on the web camera
then I will keep the same one I have also been using these the camera to do
some video this webcam to do some video interviews for my other channels and I
also did one for this channel that I’m gonna be posting so I’m pretty excited
about that but you know I mean it seems okay you know it’s it’s 720p it’s not
1080 but you know hey if nobody if you guys don’t care then I don’t really care
either I just want to be here even if my microphone is not always
working okay so let’s see here and first Noel it’s fine by fabric instead oh geez
you guys are too much all right Jeannie I got the cover stitch
machine because you showed it love it oh that is awesome I’m so glad you like it
okay Christian David is Syria are you a dude Wow all right we got to do it in
here I have a vintage first er and rossmann it’s the only thing I own that
could sew denim let’s see her Rachel likes her modern machine tension and
pressure foot issues using old machines I love my new Bernina I so so
wonderfully using it I do wish I had better luck with older machines and I do
think that’s one thing when I first started sewing I’d read a bunch of blogs
that you should get a vintage machine just because they’re workhorses and
they’ll be you know you know great to use and they are great to use but I
think also I think for some if you’re new to sewing I think they can be a
little like less I think the modern machines in some ways can be easier to
use when you’re just starting out and you don’t really know what you’re doing
alright some VIP christian says some vintage sewing machines have one fault
it’s the feed dog it’s too small and narrow alright good good feedback and
they cannot grip fabric on vintage machines all right you say conquer this
I know I need to I need to actually start using it one of these days I just
had some I had a bit of a frustrating experience like I was looking it comes
with the DVD and I was looking at the DVD and I know I felt like the TV did
indeed didn’t really show me how to do the bobbin properly so like mice it was
just real jacked up and I couldn’t get it to work
so I don’t know all right Howard’s here to another gentleman I have that singer
as well as the Janome 7,700 both terrific machines but for different
reasons and a Terry says I’m looking for a sewing only machine do you think the
price difference between the efforts on 25 and 30 is worth it Terry I think if
you quilt I do think the 30 might be worth trying out I think the I believe
it does have a slightly larger throat space and it comes with the extension
table which is very cool so I think if you do a lot of quilting I
do think that machine has some benefits that you might like from what I can tell
I’ve got the 25 the throat space is pretty small let me look it up real
quick let’s see I I want to say the Everson 30 might have some benefits for
quilters and I’m not sure if the throat space is bigger but it kind of looks
like it might be bigger let me just see I know it has more stitches let’s see
her but yeah I do think it coming with the I do think it coming with the
extension table might be worth your time worth you’re worth the extra money
Kathleen from Rainey Atlanta welcome welcome
Jamie says I am learning to sew on a non computerized machine saving money to
upgrade to computerized suggestions for good workhorse computerized under 1000
you know that’s a good one Jamie if you guys have any suggestions for Jamie let
let me know I do think the ever sewn line is a good budget definitely a good
budget friendly line of sewing machines I think the brothers have several good
models under $1000 if you don’t if you don’t need a computerized machine but
want a workhorse I’ve heard a lot of people talking great about the Zhu keys
so those yes so genie says Zhu keys I think those are good too so I think
anything any of those I think under $1000 you might be happy with I also
think it depends on what you’re sewing if you’re doing a lot of quilting you
might want to consider a machine with that larger throat space if you’re not
doing quilting don’t worry about it and vixx as antique machines can be hit
or miss I love that my s3 makes sewing quicker and easier and that the scissor
button saves thread but there’s something nice about older ones and yeah
I do like every once in a while and I haven’t sown on the singer – I want to
and quite some time so I do feel like you know I tend to gravitate more
towards the new machines I don’t know just because I think they are easier and
I think especially like there’s less steps to stuff like there’s the one-step
buttonhole foot so it’s just I don’t know there’s just a lot about it that I
think just makes it a little little more convenient I guess alright Howard’s got a good one the
Bernina 1008 okay lots of good recommendations here guys if you are
watching this on the replay make sure to be reading these comments in here
they’re good it’s good there’s some good stuff in here so thank you guys for
weighing in and let me just move this a little bit I’m gonna move this and then
I’m gonna try to make the chat window a like a little bit bigger so people
couldn’t see it a little bit better but I do think yeah definitely if you guys
are in the market for sewing machines turn to each other for recommendations I
always think it’s good to ask other people what they think of stuff so okay
and Terry says she’s torn between a genome Ian and ever sewn you know Terry
I don’t think you can go wrong with either one of them I’ve used both I
think they’re both decent machines especially for the price alright and a
Christian Victoria it’s about the fabric and if the machine can sew it some
machines old and new can be bad Christian thank you for being here and
thanks for telling me to ignore the 250 key so but yeah so anyways we’re just
hanging out this Sunday and yes sorry about the the microphone problems you
know and that’s the thing like I didn’t have the chat window right both of the
times this app and I didn’t have the chat window up right away so like I
didn’t know I didn’t have any audio and I didn’t see my mixer by really need to
pay attention to that more but I’m sorry guys I’m feeling sick and yeah I know
I’ve been kind of out of it the last few days so it’s life has been interesting
for sure so if you can’t tell by my voice things are not going super
super-good today anyways okay so Bert Doherty also likes the Bernina 10:08 let
me see if I can find a picture of it hit up so I’ll bring one up Bernina 1008 uh-uh
okay this one’s okay so definitely a little bit a little bit pricier it looks
like so your budget let’s see her this one looks like it see how much this is
okay this one retails it’s it’s retails for about sixty ninety nine so
definitely this is not for this is definitely a machine you might have to
save up for but we’ve gotten a few recommendations so might be a good of
all right here we go burning at 1008 this is it right on the Bernina website
alright you guys seem to like it okay and it is not computerized so again
there’s less that can go wrong on it or break all right dirty and I think Howard
record that recommended it so thank you guys for the recommendations this is it
alright let’s take a look at it it’s got 17 stitches variable stitch length and
width I mean maybe you guys can find one of these used or you know like as a like
a floor model one of your sewing machine stores so if you can do that that would
be pretty cool yeah it is in yeah it is a little bit
pricey but you know again sometimes I paid more than that for my sewing
machine this one does look pretty cool and you guys seem pretty happy with it
so that’s awesome so alright let’s go do some more comments yes so I fit lots of
people weighing in on sewing machines okay Victoria my mom is an old Kenmore
that is beefy and heavy and well made but there’s limited stitches and it’s a
bit finicky and the tension keep in mind many antique ones have had many owners
and my father-in-law remembers when his dad bought his mom a singer like Jen’s
and he said he bought it secondhand for her and they still have it yay okay teri
you have the 1250 deep brother and love it for embroider but
to set up a computerized for sewing only get well soon thank you thank you thank
you in Howard thank you for the advice Howard says if you shop around you can
get the Bernina 1008 for $900 and I have a question so with the Bernina models do
they call it one zero zero eight 1008 1008 what’s the typical way of saying
this I’m not even sure and valerie has a recommendation the brother 6000 CSI or
anything close to that or a brother project to runway amazing workhorses
with many features and ok Christian also as a he recommends the Bernina vintage
Bernina 600 yeah okay Jamie I heard that Janome is the best computer parts anyone
have a comment on that you know Jamie I you know I don’t know
about the Janome computer mind has been working pretty well I’ve had it for
about three years I’ve taken it in for service once don’t kill me it’s just I
don’t know I’m lazy I guess and I haven’t had anything go wrong with it I
took it in for service but there wasn’t anything going on with it I just was
like hey I guess I should take this in I do clean out the bobbin case pretty well
and Daugherty says I would not buy a singer today I’ve heard here mist things
with the newer singers the more popular singers definitely seem to be the
heavy-duty machines they seem to have pretty good ratings on Amazon I’m
curious to try it out for myself I haven’t just because buying a sewing
machine even like an inexpensive one is still a pretty large expense for me but
I would like to try other ones out I think that would be great to do here on
the channel maybe someday and Victoria got a Janome skyline s3 and uh teri if
you’re looking that might be a good one for you because again that would be good
for that’s a computerized machine it’s got a lot of bells and whistles and it
is about a thousand dollars Zoe’s here you’ve got a singer 2 2 1 301 1590 and
1591 oh wow you how many you sewing machines do you have Zoe I also have
newer Janome ease and Burnie News and Fox my fave is Bernina 11
from the 80s alright let’s look up the Bernina 11:30 I’m just curious and now
I’m just kind of googling stuff and you know I don’t know I don’t know what I’m
doing right now guys I’m just I’m just here okay so I found one on eBay
okay here are some photos okay so this is what it looks like if you guys want
to take a look that’s interesting okay so it’s a pretty cool all right this
one’s on sale it’s for Wow $1,000 these wants to be pretty in demand okay that’s
what it looks like yeah it kinda looks like that uh that other one we were just
looking at it kind of looks like I mean it’s obviously not exactly the same but
not computerized kind of simple machine very cool here’s some more here’s one
for $600 okay I don’t even know if this one works let’s see here so this is what
the 1130 looks like they are on eBay so that’s pretty cool I like the ats-v
I do really like the 80s vibe it kind of looks like those old computers are like
your old like stereos from the 80s that’s kind of neat well thank you guys
for sharing that all right let’s see what everyone else is saying okay lots
of comments and M First Noel likes her $129 project one way run way brother
all right brittany has a singer talent the throat space is small and I would
not have bought it for myself it was a gift
hey you know you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth right Victoria I’ve not
only ever heard of one person to have an issue with the Janome but I don’t know
that person personally nice and Howard you can call the Bernina whatever you
like just get one will never forget the regret the purchase it’s my best friend
oh and you know what Howard the the sewing machine will not ever like talk
back to you or do anything so that’s cool hey I don’t I don’t blame you man I
do not blame you all right Daugherty really likes the
Janome 6500 and has not been to service except for me doing it and she says in
Denmark you can buy Singer sewing machines in supermarkets all right we
got Christmas lolly I would be careful with computerized
machines the cheaper end of the market tend to be all plastic and are classed
as disposable machines as service centers can’t or don’t repair them you
know I’ve heard that too and I’ve heard them referred to as like throwing
machines my people worked at sewing machine dealers you know it’s just
something to keep in mind if you don’t you I would say if you don’t use the
machine that often or you know like you’re if you’re just starting you don’t
know if you like it and you know may just be good just to get sort of an
entry-level one just to try out but I would be careful too about going to
lower end because they might not it might not be a very good machine to sew
with okay here we go let’s see she has a singer quantum touch Janome MC 9900
brother couples sovereign in a brunette Chicago seven
I love how everyone in here is like a bunch of sewing machines I don’t feel so
like bad now that’s awesome green is sorry this is not about some
machines but I just want to ask to cut out patterns on fabric which is easier
to use a pair of assuming use scissors or rotary cutter you know green mist
I’ve been using rotary a rotary cutter a lot and it’s been helpful so I like
using a rotary cutter you obviously can use scissors you know and I think it
depends on what your pattern shape is if it’s like mostly straight lines or like
slight curves I think a rotary cutter would be really easy it also depends on
what fabric you’re using – all right let’s see here Victoria says her mom has
a 65 Janome 6500 okay and Zoey if she has 15 sewing machines prepare them
donate some sell some the Bernina 11 30s lights blink like a computer all right
now I’m super curious to see one of these in person that’s pretty neat I
really thank you for sharing that I really that’s a pretty cool looking
machine I like how even on eBay like 30 years
later they’re going for like six hundred to a thousand dollars that’s pretty
that’s pretty awesome yeah there seems to be quite a few of
these things – and I’ve also heard good things about the burning a record 8:30
I’ve heard good things about those machines all right Marie is here I have
an a Husqvarna qivana emerald 183 and currently trying
to decide on something that has a deeper throat the dealer is recommending
brother and q 1300 p RW i love what the brother machines have like super long
letter and number names i think that’s kind of funny you know i don’t personally know much
about the machine if you do feel free to weigh in
i i’ve had brothers i’ve had pretty decent luck with them although for
quilting i have been using a Janome and I like it I like the a Q a QP Don it if
you use a lot of walking foot type stuff I think you know I’ve had pretty good
luck with that and I know victus got the Janome skyline I think the Janome
skyline series looks pretty promising as well
alright Doherty first time Zoe C first time someone has more machines than me I
have seven alright alright with me with my like five I feel pretty darn good
right now so thank you guys for the for not making me feel like a like a hoarder
Wow and you know I think that’s cool Zoe that you’re able to give some of these
sewing machines new life and maybe help I think probably directly and indirectly
you’re helping people get into sewing so that’s super awesome I wish I knew more
about like sewing maintenance and sewing repairs I think that’d be pretty cool
alright Zoe says there’s also a 10:30 and a 12:30 Wow lots of sewing machines
things like I don’t know anything about really like maintain like repairing or
refurbishing sewing machines but I think that would be a neat hobby that’d be
pretty cool sorry guys I’m like I think I might have
to go kind of soon I just I’m feeling kind of weird but let’s talk sewing
machines for a little bit and you know okay so I want to ask what do you like
about vintage sewing machines and what do you like about modern sewing machines
like what you know what what do you see the difference the different benefits to
each one and if you haven’t answered already do you have what do you have in
your own sewing room do you have vintage machine
do you have modern machines or mix of both I’ve got both I know I’ve talked
about it in the past but uh you know and it seems like a lot of people do so I
feel like that’s something that’s pretty common oh my gosh Howard Howard you
might have the most sewing machine so far Howard has 27 okay if anyone has any
more any more sewing machines than 27 feel free to chime in that might be a
good poll question how many some machines do have so Howard has 27
machines just donated eight to his senior facility for their quilting
classes and Howard do you also like refurbish them and like repair them and
restore sewing machines I think that’s pretty cool all right Christian says I
feel Bernina is very expensive I think too high for what I can do on fabric you
know any Aberdeen us that the price point can be a little bit higher that’s
why I think that ever sewn is a good happy medium it’s developed by the
Bernina people but it’s at a much lower price point so if you are looking for if
you are looking into burning machines I would definitely look into the efforts
online because it’s like Bernina ‘he’s more entry-level collection so okay
Jeanne says I love the ease of use in modern machines and the strength of
vintage I think that’s a good way to put it
ice to keep her designs vintage machines are easy to maintain okay that’s a good
one and Oh ice a keeper you have at least 30 okay can someone top is a
keeper with at least 30 sewing machines I cannot believe someone actually has 30
sewing machines wow you guys are pretty hardcore I thought I had too many at
five but apparently this guy I’m like you know I’m not even in the game here
Wow my collection is over four years that’s
incredible and I Sakhi per what kind of machines do you have that is that is
pretty cool I cannot believe you over 30 sewing machines you know and I am a
while back I was talking to a guy from like Florida and he collect
sewing machines and vacuum cleaners and he did reviews a bolt on his YouTube
channel I thought it was pretty cool Howard’s here I do as much refurbishing
work as I can cleaning oiling greasing and adding new outside wiring Zoe I like
the vintage I like vintage for the sounds smells speed strength and stitch
quality good way to put it good way Vic says I have to MA to modern machines I
love the smooth operation of the modern ones I like that the vintage ones are
simple and sturdy nice keeper with over Sony’s 30 sewing machines all kinds okay
good answer there good answer thank you for sharing that
she’s got Bernina Elna whites and Riccar I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that
right at all Zoe they’re cheaper and have a nice
quality also okay so a lot of you guys seem pretty into the vintage machines I
do need to use mine again more I haven’t busted it out a lot I really need to do
that alright I see four designs a singer and brother a lot are right Wow sorry my
um my throat’s getting a little plugged up I’ve still here though I got my water
and I’m sorry the prom I don’t have the problem ugh this week because it’s it’s
dirty and I haven’t been feeling very I haven’t been feeling very up to doing
the dishes so this sinks a little bit messy right now yeah guys if you’re just
joining in i’m jennifer moore with the sewing report we do this every Sunday we
have a live show so if you haven’t already feel free to subscribe to the
channel to get notified about new videos and our live stream every Sunday and
guys if you’re watching the replay definitely check out the comments
because there’s been a lot of great thoughts about vintage and modern sewing
machines people be giving recommendations you guys are awesome and
sharing what you like about each one so if you’re watching this for the first
time feel free to to definitely do that and guys I’m trying to think of a topic
for next week if you guys have any ideas I think people really like talking about
sewing Jeanne’s maybe we can do more with that
all right Maggie my primary sewing machine is an Ella from the 70s my
serger is a modern Brother SB 37 30 40 but my favorite is vintage a vintage
Husqvarna Viking and beautiful ruby red ooh that needs to be serviced and thank
you for joining us Maggie I know you’ve been pretty active in commenting and on
Instagram so I’m really glad you could be here Christmas lolli I only I can
only saw at night so I like how modern how quiet the modern machines are that’s
a good point yes some of them can be a bit noisy and does anyone have an
industrial machine here I’ve heard really good things about the Juke huge
dust reels and I think for what they are they’re pretty they’re actually pretty
reasonably priced they’re under $1,000 and they come with that big table I’m
kind of curious about that one Shelly’s here I have for embroidery machines too
so only machines and two sergers one embroidery machine was given to me and
one soul only machine was a door prize I won very neat Daugherty has a Husqvarna
sewing machine and a serger okay great great
and all right and Zoe’s yeah okay so he says she feels the oh she also wants to
say birdie and I recently put out a new line of Burnette machines I have seen
those I think they’re pretty cool too so I think it’s really good that burning is
trying to bring down some of the machines in price they’re trying to
offer things to people who are more just getting into it versus someone who is in
the place where they want to buy an expensive sewing machine but yeah if you
guys have a suggestion for next week’s topic please let me know I would love to
consider it because I don’t know I’m just sometimes I think of these topics
you know what I’m like yeah that would be great one and then other times it’s
Saturday night and I’m still trying to think about what we can talk about
sometimes harder than others other times but if you guys have something that you
really want to talk about that we can have a discussion here definitely feel
free to weigh in all right all right we’re starting to talk about the
industrials Howard you have all kinds of machines I have a Yamada Industrial
straighten zig zag all right Oh Terry you’ve got a lot of them – 900
Janome coverstitch Wow God you’ve got all kinds of stuff
a Janome serger that I hate to thread zoe is a good question what models of
industrials do you guys like that’s a good question I think because I would be
interested someday if I have enough room and like if I was doing a ton of sewing
I think that would be cool to have one but probably not at this point in my
sewing journey mmm I’m gay Vic’s idea for sewing show is how about talking
about our current projects that’s a good one Empress no well I’d love to have an
industrial machine not sure where to start as far as manufacturers Terry
pattern hacking to save money that’s a good one I like that topic and I
apologize guys I am I’m kind of out of it this week I I get again I know there
has been like probably eight shows where I’ve been sick so I don’t know why I
keep getting sick but it just keeps happening
you can also reuse that topic every six months oh that’s a funny one all right
Brittany has a good idea we could talk about the difference between fabric from
Joanne Hobby Lobby and quilt shops a Rachel tips for making your own clothes
that’s a good one Valerie there’s a guy who calls himself
Fred Sanford of sewing machines he has every vintage sewing and part four you
can think of well he sounds really he must have a lot of storage in this house
like that’s why that’s another thing I want to know is like if you got like 30
sewing machines you must have some some pretty major space I imagine someone
named nard here I have a Husqvarna number one bought new over 30 years ago
was the machine of its day just replaced my vintage Viking serger with the baby
lock ovation suppose I am vintage – oh we’re all a little bit vintage right all
right Vic sewing without patterns are making your own patterns you know Vic if
I knew more about that sort of thing that I would totally be down for that
have curves well so how sewing processes that’s a good idea I have an old P 190
that embroiders well too bad I can’t get anymore patterns for at all
that’s a bummer well guys I think I might all right we’d love to hear that
sewers thoughts on garment constructions there might be a good thing maybe like
sharing our best garment sewing tips or hacks that might be a good one I’ll
definitely keep these things if I guys I think I might sign off soon I’m starting
to feel a little a little under the weather but thank you very much for
these sewing recommendations and I apologize again for the audio problems
for like the third week in in a row hopefully I can get it together right
guys all right and where to get high-quality cheap fabrics in Canada US
and other countries that’s a good question
so you know and I did a fabric haul last week about fabric wholesale direct and I
was really blown away by the prices and also by how decent the fabric was so if
you haven’t watched that video definitely check it out
also if I did want about fabric fashion fit fashion fabrics uh was it called I
think I might be getting wrong why can’t I think today fashion fabrics
and that’s another good one they I had a pre I had pretty good success shopping
there and the prices were really good so I think that would be a good one
Christian I have a poor quality vintage sewing machine Husqvarna classic oh and
100 from the 1980s fantastic and design but parts were mostly plastic on the
inside it has a nice stitch thank you guys and I’m good to try to edit out
that first part when you see this online I’m sorry to be such a buzzkill
but I’ll see you guys all next week and yes I’m certainly not to be able to talk
so I’ll go to see you guys next week but I definitely think I will use one of
these suggestions for the topic so guys have a great sewing Sunday and I will
see you guys all next Sunday

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