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October 23, 2019

Leather sewing machine
Hello I’m continuing to work on a Custom made dog collar here that I’ve hand
tooled and I have the lining glued into it Now you know I would like to come in
with my C S Osborne scratch compass put a groove around the edge so I can Sew on my Cowboy Harness Stitch Machine
CB 4500 I would like to demonstrate how I sew A double and stitch belt or dog collar Dog collar like this
I will be scratching The border in here in about 1/8″ Leathercraft with Bruce Cheaney C S Osborne scratch compass That cuts a little groove There so the stitches the machine
stitches Sit down in that groove And protect the stitches so they won’t wear out They will hold this piece together for
very long time Here’s the dog collar that is ready to be machine stitched Custom dog collar that I’ll be sewing
and demonstrating How to sew on my cowboy harness stitcher This particular machine will sew A thin double layer like what I’m
fixing to sew Or thick saddle leather Like a thick saddle skirt that would have two or three layers of thick leather The sheep skin layer and then a
filler Saddle skirting itself three layers Or it works good for making knife sheaths and other leather craft items Or gun holsters where you have multiple
layers And the pressure foot raises up to 7/8′ high It has a foot lever here that I can raise the pressure foot up and put the piece in that I am going to sew Anywhere from thin to thick Very thin to one inch Right here is the lever for adjusting Adjusting the stitch length And adjustment lever that you turn to lengthen or shorten the stitches Good idea to check you stich adjuster befor you start sewing your project Practice piece of leather to check stitch length Make sure the tension is right That’s one good thing about a machine
like this that you You really don’t have to adjust the
tension every time you sew Every time it’s a pretty consistent it pulls
it right in the center like it needs to be Cowboy sewing machine review And I’ve got a fresh wound bobbin And a blank unfilled bobbin This will actually wind this bobbin as I am sewing The lever here that’s the reverse position and that’s a forward position Position And this adjust the stitch length And that’s the bobbin winder Polyester 346 white thread My machine and it sews real well with polyester thread
This particular machine has a servo motor Servo motor on it It just takes a little adjusting to get the servo motor set to the speed that you are happy with Speed where you want it when you get a new
machine like this And these bobbins are big enough that you can sew a couple of belts and several dog collars Several pieces without having to change
the bobbin I’ll start at the back here I’ll start at the back and set this dog collar like that And bring my needle down where I want to start sewing Like put the tip of the needle right there And then I like to hold the bottom and
the top thread as I start sewing So it starts off right and pulls the thread down Just give it a start like that That I can Drop down and put to the edge Which is pretty handy sometimes
but I’ve been sewing So long without guide that I don’t
really need one myself Here goes sewing with the harness stitcher I like this servo motor because you can
just really sew slow Really slow it down and concentrate on sewing right in the groove Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines
Cowboy Quality Leather Stitchers The pressure foot I am using is a closed toe and I also have a open toe pressure foot so you can see the stitch groove When I get close to the end right here
I’ll really slow down Really slow down and make sure that I
get the point of the needle right in the tip Where it looks good Looks real good
I’ve got room for one more stitch No I don’t actually I’ll raise my pressure foot up and turn the dog collar around now As you can see this sewing machine has plenty of power and will sew fast Go ahead and floor board it My bobbin just stopped winding it is full and ready for next time While I’ve been sewing this collar Dog collar Okay now I’m going to stop right here
and take Pull the lock stitch in the center of the leather to lock it in And there’s a loop there and what I want to do
is like pull that loop Like right in the center of the leather and
that holds that stitch secure So it won’t unravel One more stitch there and I’ll raise my pressure foot up Raise the pressure foot up and turn the leather piece like that Usually over lap Like one or two stitches To trim the excess leather off Use the top part as a guide to trim the bottom lining off Thank You for watching this
Leather sewing machine review Sewing tutorial with Bruce Cheaney
Leathercraft sewing


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