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Janome 9400 review 1 of 2

October 25, 2019

Hi there I am Alayna and I work at Toews Sewing,
and I am here to give you a review on the brand new, Janome Memory Craft 9400QCP. It
is a beautiful machine. I am just going to go through all the things that I like about
this machine. First of all, you can see very clearly here, we’ve got a lot of space in
the throat, it is 11 inches from the needle to the machine. We’ve got a lot of awesome
features such as, the High Light, so there is no shadow when you are working with your
sewing, you don’t see any shadows it is true lighting, LED lighting. I also really like
that there is an opening in the side here for our magnifying glass. Now this accessory
is one that doesn’t come with it, it is optional, but look at that! It is fully adjustable,
you can rotate it to whatever angle you want, you can push it off to the side if you don’t
need it, or you can just pop it off. I would like to go through some of the attachments
that it does come with. I really like this cloth guide, it just clips on the base or
free arm of the sewing machine and you can adjust it to whatever seam allowance you want.
You can put it at your 5/8’s or 1/4″, whatever you need. We have three options for raising
and lowering our presser foot: our regular one at the back of course, and a little button
on the front, and we also have our knee controller. We have an extra-large foot control, as well
as a thread cutter controller there. But, we have lots of options, we also have a thread
cutter control on the front of the machine. I am just going to demo with the foot control…
and just go to the smaller pedal, and it clips and raises my presser foot for me. Or, you
have the option of unplugging the foot control, and sewing with a little button on the front
there and clipping with the button on the front of the machine. And again, it pulls
both threads down to the bottom of the fabric and clips them off and raises your presser
foot. One of my favorite things about this machine is the needle plate just pops off
by pressing a button, so there is no more screws, so for cleaning it is a lot easier
to get under there and it is also easier to change your needle plates. This one is very
exciting and it comes with three needle plates: you get your standard zigzag where you can
do your buttonholes and decorative stitches and all the stitches that are on the machine.
It also comes with your standard straight stitch needle plate, where you can do a straight
stitch at any needle position. But what is very exciting is we have the new high precision
needle plate, so we are going to get stitches that are straighter than ever. When we have
our zigzag plate on, we have all this space for the needle to push fabric into and every
time the needle goes down, fabric is being slightly pushed into the needle plate, and
making it on a bit of an angle or the stitch on an angle. Where if we have our straight
stitch needle plate, it’s got this tiny little hole so every time our needle goes down, there’s
not very much fabric being pushed into there we are getting a really nice straight stitch,
and a lot less jamming. For example, when you are piecing triangles together on a light
weight quilting cotton, you’re not going to have any jamming in your needle plate. The
needle threader is great on this machine you just simply press a button and it threads
the eye of the needle for you. You have all the standard features of most computerized
Janome’s, you have a lock stitch, it ties a not at the beginning and end of your seam,
you have needle up/ down. Oops it came un-threaded there, probably because I used the needle
threader without threading it. There we go, you see how quick and easy that was. We have
speed control and that works with your start/ stop button and the foot control. It’s tying
a knot right now. We’ve got lots of options for stitches and by the way, you have the
new 9 mm stitch width so your stitches are much larger. It has 350 built on stitches,
however, that is actually limitless because it does come with a computer program called
Stitch Composer, where you can create your own decorative stitches and send it over via
USB port, and that’s exciting too because most regular sewing machines don’t have a
USB port and this one does. You’ve got a nice big touch screen so getting to your stitches
is very easy. Each stitch is preset at a certain width and length, so I am just going to press
the picture of the zigzag, and start sewing the zigzag. It was already preset at a width
of 3mm long and 1.5mm sorry, 3mm wide and 1.5mm apart, but I have full control over
that I can make it as wide or as short as I want. I have full selection or full adjustment
of tension and pressure right on my screen. We don’t have any more knobs up on the sewing
machine, and that is actually better because if I select a stitch that requires a higher
tension, it’s changed it for me. I don’t have to remember that that particular stitch requires
a different tension. We have 3 fonts on here: we have Block and Script and Broadway and
then we also have a larger size of the letters which is 9mm. Perfect for doing labels for
your quilts, it’s really nice. We have memory on this machine so you can program names and
make labels and save them on to your machine, so you don’t have to continuously type in
“made with love, by Alayna” or your name. You can combine decorative stitches together
to create your own right on the machine or, like I said, you can use the computer program
and create decorative stitches from scratch, so the possibilities are really endless. Well
I think I have gone through a lot of it. Well I didn’t talk about the AcuFoot, the built
in AcuFeed, sorry. That means that it feeds from the top as well as the bottom, so sewing
your slipperier fabrics, quilting, you’re going to get even feed from the top and the
bottom. There is even a little dial on the side that you can control if you have different
layers of fabrics, say a minky on the bottom and a cotton on the top. The minky stretches
I can actually speed up the bottom feed dogs so it feeds the minky through faster, but
it is feeding the cotton at the regular speed. So you can adjust for different layers of
fabric as well. That also helps with sewing stretch, if your stretch fabric is stretching
out of shape normally on a sewing machine you can’t do much, but we can adjust the speed
of the feed dogs, speed it through faster and that eliminates that stretching out of
shape that we can get sometimes with knit fabrics. We’ve got a lot of one step buttonholes,
11 different ones. We just put our button in the foot and it measures it for us and
it creates it creates the perfect size buttonhole automatically, all I would have to do is press
start, it sews the buttonhole, and stops when it’s done. All we have to do is press the
thread cutter and it clips our threads. I think I have gone through a lot of the important
features, so give us a call if you are interested. It’s a very nice machine and we are very excited
about it. Thank you!=)


  • Reply Carol Harder Leary May 25, 2016 at 5:17 pm

    Thank you for the review! I would like also to learn how to add my own stitch designs. Would you be able to demonstrate the program and how it goes into the machine after? 🙂

  • Reply Sandra Spencer May 28, 2016 at 5:45 pm

    I have a lower model, and the directions indicate I can only program up to three characters/letters. I can't figure out how to make a label, so I would like to see the label capabilities demonstrated on this machine.

  • Reply Rosy Nomad August 30, 2016 at 12:17 am

    Where can I purchase the same sewing table

  • Reply Happybidr October 12, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    Great review. Super helpful. You guys are the best.

  • Reply Happybidr October 12, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    That cloth guide is FABULOUS. Do any other models come with?

  • Reply Rebel boy December 2, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    I m big fan for you your program is very nice I'm poor plz give me your machine this is not jock I'm waiting for your answer

  • Reply Janet McAdams Bailey June 29, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Sorry but way to low….need to speak up

  • Reply Sewgirl2 July 1, 2017 at 12:04 am

    Can't hear

  • Reply Stephanie Kirby June 4, 2018 at 1:37 am

    Very informative. I will probably get one. I've started to look to replace my 20 yr old Janome.
    What about the Table etc? It looks like it's specifically built for this machine. Also are they easy to find?

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