Husqvarna Viking Opal 650 08 Screen & Buttons Overview

October 24, 2019

Let’s get familiar with the screen of the
Opal 650. When you turn the machine on, it will start off with a straight stitch. Each
stitch will have a foot recommendation. Letter A is what we’ll use for the foot for a straight
stitch. For stitch length you can adjust it. Increase the length by pushing plus. Do you notice it highlights the number when
you’ve made an adjustment, and you can find the non-highlighted number when you get back
to the default setting. Over here, where the minus and plus are, there’s
a picture of a needle that has an arrow pointing to each direction. That’s left and right needle
position, and you can actually see the stitch moving up the screen as it’s moving to the
right side of the foot. I do like that there’s lots of different needle positions – look
at all the increments you have. You also can put everything back to normal
by reselecting the same stitch; by selecting stitch number one, the straight stitch, everything
returns to the basic setting. Over here it will tell you which needle it
recommends based on the fabric you have selected, and we’ll get into that with the sewing advisor
in another video so you can really understand these symbols and these techniques to really
make sewing easy. The tension is recommended here, four to six,
so somewhere in the middle of that, the pressure of the foot, so that will change based on
the fabric that you have selected. Here we’ll change the stitch, and tell you what stitch
number you’re actually on. We’re just on a straight stitch, so for example, if we go
to stitch number four, which is a zig-zag, it will say stitch number one, or row one,
from the top area of your screen above your lid, and stitch number four. You can also go through your stitches one
by one, so with the arrow pointing to the right, just below the OK button, you can go
to stitch seven, eight, nine, and keep on going. Another button that we use all the time is
our stitch menu button. This will allow you to get to other rows of stitches. Arrow to
the right and you’ll get to the quilt row of stitches, group two, group three for decorative
stitches, and group four for additional decorative stitches, and this is a favorites area, my
stitches, which we’ll get into as well. So we’ll just go back to the first group,
and touch OK, and that will bring us back to a straight stitch. Another thing we have is we have alphabets
that we can choose from. You can change those alphabets from upper and lower case and numbers.
We also have the ability to program in to our memory alphabets and different combinations
of decorative stitches. We can save those favorite settings into our
favorite area with the heart, and then the set menu, the tools will allow you to turn
certain features on or off based on what you’d like to have set for your machine and your
sewing needs.

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