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Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 41 Decorative Stitches

October 25, 2019

As you can see, decorative stitches are so
much prettier stitched out. Whether you stitch them in solid color or variegated thread,
this machine has stitches that you won’t believe you have until you sew them out. When you
select from the menu, you’re going to notice they’re each grouped in sections, and they’re
kind of labelled here. Like these are the quilt stitches in E. Quilt stitches, and then
they have applique stitches. You can find just about anything you want. As soon as you pick your stitch, you’re going
to notice it’s going to show up in the sewing area. It’ll tell you what foot to use, and
depending on what fabric you told it you’ll be sewing on, it’ll give you a needle recommendation.
As you pick these stitches, what you see in this window is what you’re going to get when
you sew them out. So that means that the hearts are going to face, or the base is going to
be on the left side. Which is kind of nice. If you ever need to flip them you have mirror
images. And if you have a stitch that’s not symmetrical, here we go, we also have mirror
image, so we could flip them left and right and also up to down. So if you need your cards
or trailers going one direction instead of the other, you can use both mirror images
in conjunction with each other, to get them to go the direction you want. When you pick your stitches, I recommend that
you take some time and stitch out all the stitches in your machine. Give yourself some
fabric and a layer of stabilizer to give yourself a nice little work area. Just line one stitch
up next to the other with your presser foot separating them. That’s a nice little guiding
place to guide it. And then stitch out a couple repeats. You don’t have to do a whole row
of them, but at least enough to see how long the stitch is. Speaking of stitch length, when you see this
side here here it says 15 mm long, that means from the beginning of the stitch to the end
of the stitch is 15 mm. You’re going to know that some of these are much longer, 28 mm
for that little piece of candy. So that means you can kind of get an idea, will I be able
to get 2 or 3 stitches sewn as you go. So plan to stitch these out. Now some of these, let me go up to the stitch
menu again. When you pick them, for example I’m in the H menu, notice you have a new presser
foot that comes up on the screen. The presser foot is presser foot S. S is much wider, because
look how big this stitch is. It’s 16 mm wide this time. That means the fabric is actually
going to travel side to side while the stitches are being stitched out. To give you an idea,
this is how big these stitches are. Notice how big the foot is. So you’re going to see
that the foot will travel side to side and back and forth to give you the whole entire
look. Look how pretty those are. How fun is that to see those in person. Let’s just take a look. Let’s see here. The
K menu, there’s some fun ones. See what else. For example, there’s a couple stitches in
here, 27, we are in menu K. Notice that this stitch is very wide. It’s 47 mm wide. It also
doesn’t show you multiple repeats of it on screen, and that is because it only stitches
it 1 time. Look where the starting point is. So with the starting point right here in the
center of the stitch. Here, let’s go ahead and stitch this. I’m going to want to start.
We’ll go ahead and put our S foot on. These are the big directional stitches. These are
great. I’m going to start kind of in the middle, giving myself plenty of room for this stitch
to actually back up and continue to go. Once you go ahead and do these types of stitches,
I’m going to follow, or keep my eye working with and keeping the fabric parallel to the
lines on my machine, and also maybe parallel to the edge of the presser foot. Now if you
don’t have an edge of the foot to follow. Let me just flip this around here. There we
go. Then having marked lines on the fabric is going to be the way to keep this all lined
up so it doesn’t get away from you. Nothing like having a row of decorative stitches that
are kind of sideways. These gigantic stitches are beautiful, but
you’ve got to take the time to stitch them out and really see what they look like in
thread and on your fabric. We’ll go ahead. It stops right at the end, so just cut your
thread. And look how fun that is. Notice it is 47 mm wide. It does the work for you. Now
if you have any stitches that don’t come out exactly like it looks on the machine here,
you can go at the Tools and use the Balance to create the fix that will actually make
it come out just what you need. But remember, stabilizer is the key, and guiding it to keep
it upright is going to be perfect for what you’re looking for. So once again, take your time. Stitch out
all your stitches. Make a little notebook. And then you’ll realize how cool some of these
are. Oh, my goodness. There’s even a snowman in here. Tis the season.

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