How to Sew on a Button : Needle Tips for Sewing Jacket Buttons

October 24, 2019

Hi, I’m Andrew on behalf of Expert
and in this next clip I am going to be discussing how to determine to use the right needle for
a particular coat. This is a men’s long coat with a polyester outer lining and an
inner lining of silk and due to the fact that the polyester layer is actually two layers
folded together plus the fact that the button is overlapping on a silk lining, it is better
to use a little bit of a thicker needle. Now what determines the thickness of a needle
is not just the thickness but also the size of the eyelet between which you thread the
thread. Now the larger eyelet is going to create a larger stitch which will typically
require you to have more thread because you are going to have to puncture a longer hole
and thus go back and fill it with more thread and secure whatever button or eyelets or a
fastener you are attaching to the material. In this case, a medium size eyelet and a medium
size needle will do just fine for attaching a button to the outside and going through
both layers of the polyester into the silk lining and keeping the button fastened quite
nicely. So a medium needle works perfectly for this particular type of material. If the
needle were either too big or too small you would have problems with other than the button
not being fastened well enough to stay on for long periods of time or in the opposite
case you might have problems with the material you are actually sewing it to or coming undone
over time.

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