How to Sew a Zipper Pouch With Lining and Bound Seam

How to Sew a Zipper Pouch

Hi, I’m here to help sewers of all skill levels learn new projects and techniques. In this post I’m showing how to make a lined zipper bag it is a variation of my super old 5 minute zipper bag video I’ve done several different variations of the bag and for this one I’m showing how to finish off all of the raw edges on the inside with bias binding otherwise known as bias tape this bag is actually part of a matching set that I have made for my daughter so next week I’m going to be showing how to make the lined zippered tote bag so make sure you hit that subscribe button down below so that you don’t miss out on next week’s tutorial pick out two or three different fabrics to use for your line to zipper bag I chose three different fabrics for mine then you want to head over to the corresponding blog post that I have on my website.

Com the direct link to the post is in the video description and I’ll have all of the measurements listed out over there for if you want to use two different fabrics for three different fabrics let’s start with piecing together the outer fabrics and if you chose to use two different fabrics instead of three you will skip this first step lay the pieces right sides together lining up the top and sides add a couple of craft clips and sew with a half inch seam allowance to attach open the fabric and press the seam then sew a top stitch near the seam line flip the piece over and lay the lining piece on top so all the pretty sides are on the outside add clips if you want and sew a top stitch all the way around about 1/8 of an inch from the edge you now only have one piece to work with that looks nice on both sides onto the zipper choose one that is several inches longer than your fabric piece and lay it right sides down on your fabric line up the top edge and sew to attach.

I wanted to quickly talk about the bias binding that I am using you can definitely make your own I have a separate video where I show how to make your own bias tape and I will have that linked in the video description as well but today I’m using a pre-made binding and I’m using it two different sizes so I have a more narrow one, that I’m going to use to bind the edges near the zipper and then I have a wider one that I’m going to use later for these sides of the bag on both of the pre-made bindings they already have the long edges turned inward so there is a nice fold line there that we’re going to take advantage of and use as a stitching line every time we sew the binding on open the bias tape up and line the edges up take it to the sewing machine and sew directly on that fold line bring the other edge of the bias binding around to the back side and make sure that long edge is folded under and then top stitch along the folded edge to hold it down we now have a nicely bound edge flip the zipper up and smooth the fabric away from the zipper teeth so a top stitch right along the edge of the fabric bring the bottom back to the fabric up and line it up with the un sewn edge of the zipper. If you want to choose the best sewing machine, you can visit here-

  So long the zipper to attach unzip the zipper and add binding the same way as before first sewing it on one side along the fold line wrap it around to the other side making sure it’s tucked in at the fold and top stitch along the edge then flip the zipper up and top stitch along the edge of the fabric here’s how the bag should be looking at this point unzip the zipper about half way then flip the bag so the lining is on the outside and position the zipper so it is about one inch down from the top I’m sorry I had the bag flipped over at this point which is making it a little bit harder to see where the zipper is located so that both sides being very careful when going over the zipper teeth trim off the excess zipper on each end then it’s time to add the rest of the seam binding I’m using a wider bias finding this time to make sure it wraps all the way around nicely especially over the ends of the zipper cut the bias tape an inch longer than the back side and line them up turn the extra half inch on each end over and clip in place so along the fold line to attach flip it around to the other side and top stitch in place repeat with the other side of the bag unzip the zipper.

The rest of the way and turn the bag right sides out poke out the corners and smooth everything flat and the bag is complete here’s the zipper bag in action along with another sneak peek of the zippered tote bag I’ll be showing how to make next week I made both of these to hold a set of like tinker type toys that I picked up recently at a thrift store for my youngest daughter and we wanted a bag specifically for the toys that was perfect that the kids can zip and unzip all by themselves so that they can be in charge of cleaning up their messes after they are done playing with their toys so all of the wooden parts go in the larger tote bag and then all of these smaller plastic connector pieces go in the zipper bags they’re nice and separated and organized and ready to go as I mentioned earlier I do have several other super bag posts that are similar to this one.


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