How to Sew a Blind Hem Stitch on your Home Sewing Machine

Sewing Hems

Are you trying to learn something in craftsy online sewing classes. I’m going to show you can do a blind hem with your sewing machine not a blind hem machine have you ever bought pants in a store – I have the tags on here and these are ready to wear and you can’t even hardly see that stitching. It’s the same color as the fabric but here’s the key from the outside here’s the pant hem and you can see those stitches it’s perfect. So how do you get this with the home sewing machine. We show you here this pretty much every sewing machine comes with a blind hem foot and a blind hem stitch. Open your sewing machine manual if you can’t find it but most of us don’t read that but if you can’t find it go take a peek.

here you go let’s just pretend this is the hem and I’m going to show you the concept of this here’s the foot, it has a blade on the back from the side, kind of a weird blade. So we can pretend this is your pants and this is your hem. This is your seam allowance. When the concept to this whole thing is that you’re going to stitch and this blade will run along the fold and most of your stitches will be herein seam allowance right on the edge and what it does is its titches and it does a little zigzag and that little zigzag, you just want it to grab just a touch of fiber of fabric and then back over – stitch, stitch over -just like that that’s the concept of it.

If you go too far you end up being able to see the stitches from the right side of the garment but let me just show you how this works put the presser foot on. So here’s our fabric and I’m just using as watch of fabric. So you can see how this goes so let’s just pretend that this is the right side of your pants there’s your hem and there’s your hem allowance. So all you do is you take your fingers like this and flip okay and this is what you’re going to bese wing along I usually would do a few pins here. I’m going to pin this really close to the edge and flip it back over so you can see what this would look like from the right side of your garment. because you’re going to think this is really weird but actually it’s not so fold this back out – remember this is the inside of your pants, there’s your hem there’s your hem allowance, so what does it look like from the right side to the fabric this and I know what you’re thinking I’m going to end up with some goofy stitches but you’re not.

let’s go back here we go put it in the sewing machine line this lever right here up with the fold on your fabric lower your presser foot and then just start stitching. I’m using a different color here and I actually have a zig-zag a little bit wider. so you can see it it just kind a goes zigzag. it’s just grabbing just a little bit of that fiber in the fabric to show the blind hem let’s do a few more stitches. here let’s see what we ended up with up again this is the inside of your pant leg look at how see how that stitch that’s kind a weird isn’t it so the majority the stitches are actually on your hem allowance at the very edge. this is the part of your pant leg that is just gathering that little itty bitty zigzag this is what the inside of your pant leg looks like nobody’s going to see that this except for you but it’s not too bad looking I would probably serge this edge first and then do the blind hem just to give it a professional finish.

so let’s go to the right side the garment here we go we’ve got little itty bitty (now remember I told you I had the triangle a little bit wider so you could see it) but if I had narrowed that just a little bit which you just do that with the width of your stitch you wouldn’t even be able to see that and of course you pick a thread that matches your pant it looks great and so once I press that you wouldn’t even see that.


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