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How to rethread the serger and overlocker machine

October 24, 2019

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel.
It’s Daniela and today I’m going to show you how to change the treads on
a serger. This video is not about how to retread the whole serger by going to
each and every individual step. It’s more of a quick and easy way to change the
color of threads prior to starting a new sewing project. I’m going to be working
on an industrial serger but this method will work on any type and brand no
matter the number of threads it comes with. Start by cutting the
threads close to the cones. Replace the cones with the new color you’re going to
use. Then chain the old and the new thread together by making a knot. Make
sure that the knots are tightly secured. We’re going to pull the threads later
and we don’t want to accidentally pull the thread out and unthread the machine.
There are several times I completely forgot to tie the threads and I had to
retread again. We are working on a 4-threads industrial serger but this
trick would work on any brand of serger with any number of threads. Now that we
have all the threads secured, let’s retread the serger. Lift the
needles and remove the presser foot out of the way. I’m going to start with the
left needle. I’m releasing the tension by pulling the tension discs out. Depending
on the type of serger you are dealing with, release the tension by turning all
the tension dials to zero. Then, I’m going to repeat with the right needle. Once I’m
done with the needle threads, I’m going to cut after the knots. Repeat with the
looper threads. Once the new treads are out, cut after
the knots and the serger is already threaded. There are some things left to
do. First, thread both needles once again. Then, holding the new threads, make a bit
of a seam so that the chain is formed and there is no empty seam at the
beginning of your project. Bring the presser foot back at its position and
you are done. Don’t forget to set the tension back as it was.

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