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How to Crochet a Beanie

October 24, 2019

Hi everyone my name is Cyprianne, thanks so much for joining me on my channel today today I’m gonna be showing you how to make this crochet beanie out of Super bulky yarn if you are a beginner crocheter this is going to be perfect for you I’m really going break down the pattern and show you how to go stitch by stitch Everything you need to make this hat is listed below and also there are written instructions listed below as well So have a look collect everything you need and we’ll meet up and make this great beanie together All the supplies you need to make the super bulky beanie are listed on the pattern, but today I’m using a 10 millimeter hook a 9 millimeter hook for the band. You’re gonning to need a pair of scissors Needle to weave in your ends and a stitch marker Today I’m going to be using the Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Stripes in the moonlight And I have never used this before so I’m actually pretty excited to see how it works up so gather all your supplies, and then we’ll get started, and I’ll show you how to make your Slipknot The very first thing we’re going to do when making the beanie is we’re going to start with your slipknot So you’re gonna do that by freeing up 10 to 12 inches of yarn? crossing it over Pinch the X with your forefinger and your thumb and then with your free hand you’re going to want reach through and grab The tail that’s not attached to the ball you’re gonna pull that through and as you’re pulling it through You’re going to slide your fingers from holding that X to holding the two tails of the yarn keep your finger there and Just pull okay, so you’ve got your Slipknot now what we’re gonna. Do is we’re gonna slide the hook through and Then take the loose end of the yarn and just pull it till it’s snug on your crochet hook But don’t don’t pull it too hard You don’t want to work your stitches tight if you have a nice comfortable grasp on the hook And yarn you’re not going to struggle with working your stitches Okay, so that is your Slipknot made? Okay so today. I’m making the adults eyes Most of the numbers are the same in this pattern until you get to your later rounds So you can just follow along with me using your numbers so for the adult hat we’re going to start by chaining two so to chain you’re going to do yarn over and just pull through your loop and You’ll notice as I’m pulling through I’m actually tugging a little bit on the yarn here, and that’s to make my loops a little bit easier and a little bit Looser to work into and we’re going to do another chain So that’s your two chains one two you don’t count the one on the hook for Round one we’re going to be working six single crochet into the second chain from hook So this is your chains here one two so you’re going to be working into this one down here So you’re just going to insert your hook? yarn over Pull that loop up yarn over your hook again and Through two loops you can see as I’m working my stitches. I’m actually pulling a little bit. I’ll show you again, so insert your yarn Or your hook yarn over pull that loop up Yarn over and this is where I I grab my work, and I pull it down a little bit And what it does is it stretches these two? Stitches here, so that the hook can glide through easier Okay, so yarn Your hook through yarn over Yarn over the hook and pull That loop through and you’re gonna do that three more times four six in total Insert your hook yarn over Pull up your loop yarn over and through the two loops Okay this hat has worked in continuous rounds We’re not going to be joining at the end of each round so it’s very important that you’ve got something to mark Your stitches with you can use a piece of yarn or a bobby pin stitch markers So one two three four five and I need one more Okay, so that is the end of found one? Moving on to round two we’re going to work two single crochet In each stitch around and this is what I’m going to start using your stitch marker so again. We’re going to insert the hook Yarn over Pull up that loop Yarn over and through both loops on the hook This is my first stitch of round two and I’m inserting my stitch marker here Now because we’re working two single crochet in each stitch we’re actually going to go back Into the same stitch where we work that first single crochet, and we’re going to insert the hook again Yarn over pull up a loop yarn over and both through the pull through both loops Okay, so that’s your first two stitches made We’re going to move on to the next stitch and do exactly the same thing we’re going to insert the hook yarn over pull up the loop yarn over and through both loops and Again because we’re working two into each stitch we’re going to go into that same stitch again insert the hook yarn over Yarn around the hook and pull through So you’re going to do that neat stitch around Because we’re working in Two single crochets into six stitches the count at the end of round two is going to be 12 so carry on I’m just going to work these and Then we’ll meet up at the end of round two and we’re going to count our stitches So I’m at the end of round two now And I’m just going to take a moment and make sure that I’ve done it correctly, so I’ve got one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten eleven and remember where we placed this stitch marker was the first stitch in the round So that’s going to be our twelve stitch so you just go and you count each little v around Okay, so if you haven’t if you have a different stitch count your best thing to do is just take this whole round and start From the beginning and make sure you’re working – into each stitch Okay So moving on to Round three, it’s going to change a little bit We’re going to work one single crochet in the first stitch and then two single Crochet in the next and we’re going to follow that pattern all the way around in all 12 stitches So we’re going to take this out And we’re going to place one single crochet into that first stitch where the stitch marker was so again insert the hook You wind the yarn around pull it through? Yarn around and pull through two loops now It’s important that you put the stitch marker back in it’s how we can tell where the first stitch of the round is now Working into the second stitch it’s going to be like the previous round We’re going to work two stitches in so we’re going to insert the hook yarn around pull Through two loops and you’re going to go back into that same stitch again where you just worked and place your second single crochet okay, so for this round you’re going to go one two one two so one into the next stitch and Two and into the following one go back in there – Okay Insert one stitch here and Two stitches in here each round we’re increasing by six, but that’s gonna change In the last increase round Where we’re only going to increase by three Okay, okay, I’m gonna meet you at the end of the round here, and we’ll get together and we will count our stitches Okay, so we’re at the end of round three, and if we go through and we count we should have 18 stitches now I purposely made an error so that I can show you early on in the project how to look for your errors and how to Correct them the easiest way, so I’m going to count one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Okay, so I’m short a stitch. I should have 18 now the easiest way I’m going to see if I can really focus in here on this To find is Normally when you’re working a pattern like one two one two one two and you either increase or decrease your stitches What’s happening? Is your pattern is getting mixed up so that’s the first thing? I’m going to check so I’ve got 1 here 2 here 1 here 2 here 1 here 2 here 1 here 2 here 1 here oh and see I have another one here it should be 1 2 1 2 so this is where my error is so instead of taking out the entire round I can just Pull out my stitches up into where I made the mistake So I’m just gonna put my thumb here holding on to the stitch. I don’t want to take out And I’m gonna undo these ones okay? so this was 2 then 1 and this should be 2 so I’m just gonna add my second Single crochet in there and continue on All right now I Should have 18 so let’s count those Okay 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 So perfect so that’s 18 stitches, okay? So we’re still working our increase rounds for Round four What we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be working a single crochet in the next two sync two stitches So we’re gonna do single crochet single crochet and then double crochet into here now with this pattern And it’s not always like this, but for this one. It is up until round Seven your increases are always going to be worked into where we have the double Stitches so you’ll as you could each go each round and we increase our single crochets the doubles are always worked in here So that’s a good way to watch your work as well, so Let’s work our Two single crochets so we got one again put that stitch marker back in so we know where the beginning of the round is to and Then this is where we do our increase which is two single crochets one two Okay, and then you’re going to go one one To increase where those two stitches are like the little V 1 2 So you’re going to continue to work that pattern all the way around to one two and Then increase so you’re putting 2 into that spot 1 2 And then increase with the V the two stitches. I think they look like a V oops 1 – Then the V12 in that stitch then we’re going to be finishing off one Two and Then two in the last stitch so at the end of this round. I should have twenty four we’ll count them Okay one two three four five six Perfect Okay, we’re going to increase again in round five but this time We’re going to be placing one single crochet in the first three stitches and then doing our increase of two So we’re going to single crochet again. We’re going to mark that first stitch And we’re going to work a single crochet into three stitches and then we’ll increase into the fourth, so we’ve done one Two Three Increase so that’s going to be two one two okay one Two three Then you’re gonna place two in the next and increase it so You can pause the video here the rounds are getting longer, so I’m not going to do the whole round with you But I will count with you at the end and pause this and I’ll meet up with you at the end of Round five Okay, so I just finished up around five And we want to make sure that we have 30 stitches one two three four five six seven eight Nine thirty great so we have three stitches we have a little hole at the top I’m going to show you how to sew that up. I’m going to be putting a pompom this anyways so Moving on to round six it’s an increased round as well Which means for the increased rounds what we’re doing is we’re growing the width of the Hat so for round six We’re going to be working a single crochet into the next four stitches And then we’ll be doing our increase into the fifth and again This is a round where you’re going to see it goes in where the previous increases were done so Okay, we’re going to do one and I’m placing my stitch marker back in Two Three Four This is kind of fun because I know I’m watching the colors change which is really neat I’m excited to see how this works up And then we’re going to do the two single crochet in here where they were previously done one two And we’re going to do single crochet into the next four one two three Four And then increase so Continue with that pattern all the way around Single crochet in four stitches, and then you’re increasing by two Okay, I’m gonna pause and I’ll meet with you at the end Okay, so I’ve just finished round six. We’ll go through and make sure that we have 36 stitches one two three four five Six okay 36 perfect, okay, so round seven is a bit different As you can see our gauge is quite big so we don’t want to continue on increasing by six Sometimes when you’re working with a thicker yarn or a bigger gauge. You need to figure out a different way to increase I don’t like to change my hook sizes, too To change my Hat sizes because sometimes I’m working with textures and when you change the hook size it changes the check that changes the texture So what we’re actually going to be doing this time is we’re going to be doing the increase after every 11 stitches So you’re still going to be doing your increase in to one of the previous increase is? But we’re going to be skipping over the first one. Sorry. I should be showing you this way So we’re gonna Single crochet into the first 11 stitches Okay So we’re gonna go one And we’re gonna slip that back in And round seven is going to be your last increase round when we finish round seven our Hat is actually going to be the size that we need it to be and then we’re going to be adding our Row rounds that it’s going to give it the length And it’s at this point after Round seven that you’re going to start to see the hat take that bowl shape Okay, so we’ve got our first stitch to 11 okay and then It’s in the 12 stitch again. You can see this is where we did our previous increase where we’re going to do our two single Crochet and we’re going to increase it there So you can continue on? 11 single crochets Increase into the twelfth so you’re going to do that two more times and at the end of round seven you should have 39 stitches okay, so I finished round seven now and make sure that you finish round seven with your two single crochet in your last stitch and I’ve counted my round to make sure that I have 39 Okay, so we finished our increase rounds, and now it’s not really as important to use the stitch marker at every round But I do like to leave it in because then that gives me an idea of where The end of the round should be but really it’s personal choice if you want to move it each time you Do a round or not so moving on to Rounds 8 through 15. They are all exactly the same, and all you’re going to be doing is working a single crochet All the way around no increases at all just work your single crochet all the way around Okay Now I’m not gonna what make you watch me do this? I’m gonna crochet up until round 15 remember to check your stitch count at the end of each round to make sure that you’re on track and you’re not dropping or picking up stitches and I’ll meet up with you at the end of round 15 at which point we are going to switch to the 9 millimeter hook For the band of the Hat, okay, I hope you all are doing fantastic so far and I’ll see you soon Okay, so I just finished round 15 and I want to show you quickly how to Find the end of each round if you haven’t moved your stitch marker with you each time you’ve completed around When we finished our last increase round I told you that you could leave your stitch marker right there instead of moving into each one But what I want to point out to you is that each time we’re finishing around your stitches are actually shifting, so you’ll see here They’re shifting, and if I lay my ruler across you can see how that’s on a diagonal So that’s how you know where the end of each Round is because you can just follow Your last stitch as it moves. Okay, so the last thing we’re gonna do is Switch to a 9 millimeter hook and this is for The finishing band of the Hat as you can see well first of all it needs to be longer But it also flares out a bit And I find that when you switch to a smaller hook just for that last bit of the Hat It gives it a nice shape and also we all know that crochet hats When you’re doing a traditional stitch like this once they stretch they stretch They don’t really go back into shape so I like the bottom band to be a bit tighter so that when it does stretch It’s not all loose and sloppy So that’s the last thing that we’re gonna do so we’re going to work the last three rounds And then I’m just gonna show you at the end how to weave in your ends and how to close that hole off from the top, so yeah, so three rounds of single crochet and Hopefully you guys have been doing great on this project and this is the moonlight. It didn’t work up the way I thought it would actually I thought that the it I thought it was going to be darker and that the different colors were going to be more noticeable I Probably would do this um for a baby hat But and me maybe but my boys like very dark colors and so does my husband so anyway That’s just my thoughts on that yard. Okay, so I’ll meet up with you soon okay, so I have finished my final round with the 9.0 Millimeter hook, and I just want to show you how to fasten off so what I like to do because you can see how my Final stitch is sitting higher than the first stitch of the round What I do is. I skip that stitch and then I actually use a slip stitch in the one next to it And I don’t pull it tight because I don’t want my work to pucker and I don’t want it to change the size that had It all so I just do a nice little Slip stitch there and then yarn over pull it through and then I pull it Long enough to weave in I always like lots of yarn, I don’t like struggling And then we’ll just weave in that yarn and as you can see we’ve almost used a whole ball of yarn if you were making the extra large in this hat You might need to Either do like a contrast band or or I get a whole other second ball of yarn or use just their regular and then There’s actually more in the regular balls of yarn than the stripes so that might be able to do it for you, okay? it’s the last thing we’re going to do is weave in our ends I Got this nice large needle here, and what you’re gonna Do is you’re actually gonna work through the stitches because that’s gonna hold your yarn I’m just make sure you can see it nice and tight and just Don’t pull them too tight you just want to weave them in and I I? Just sort of stick it anywhere where my I feel resistance And then I could do one more down here And then I’ll cut that off Remove my hook I did move my hook down when I was doing my final three rounds so that I could count them easier Cuz I was just doing three yawns. Okay now I’ve turned the hot inside out and we’re gonna go and address this hole at the top here If you do use a magic circle you won’t get this hole and That’ll solve the problem for you. So anyways I just I’m weaving in my ends. Anyways up here, so I just go back and forth it’s like this. I’m gonna close that off And I’m gonna be adding a pom pom to this hat as well So it kind of just Kills two birds with one stone weaving in your ends and closing the hole, okay That’s it And I’ll put my tag on the Hat and a pom pom on the Hat And yeah, there you go So cozy Wow I need to move my camera out a little bit. Sorry about the close-up shot But you can see how it’s a nice beautiful shape and the end there is just So beautiful, it’s just tapered in ever so slightly so Written directions for this size are going to be below, and then there’ll be a link to the full pattern which will be Sizes newborn right up through extra-large, which would typically be Four am in Anyways, if you liked this video I’d love to hear any feedback, and if you could give it a nice thumbs up That would be great Okay, thanks so much


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