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Hand Pump & Treadle Pump Breakdown with Ohio Power Tool

October 24, 2019

– Hi I’m Nick from Ohio
Power Tool, I’m with – (pumping) Really? (pumping) (Energetic rock music) Hi I’m Nick with Ohio Power Tool, I’m with BVA Chris, and
today we’re gonna look at this hand pump and this foot pump. – Treadle pump. – What? – A treadle pump. – What’s a treadle pump? – It’s like a, air pump that you work with your foot. We also do have foot pumps
that are similar to this pump. – Oh, I don’t know what a treadle is. So how do these guys work
exactly, it just seems like you just pump this handle here and then the magical pixie
just shoots fairy dust and it lifts ten tons. – If we use the principle of Pascal’s Law, it builds, you build pressure
by pumping the handle, moves the oil to whatever
application you’re working on, cylinder or other accessory. Using the small piston here, it, creates pressure equally in a larger area in the cylinder,
or whatever you’re using, and it multiplies it
by the diameter or the, surface area that you’re working with. So, if you had like a one inch
pump piston, it’d be, say, double on a two inch diameter cylinder. – So if it takes oil to push the pressure, do I have to put oil into this thing? – Well when you first purchase these, these already come with oil inside them, inside both the reservoirs. – Okay so again if I wanted
to lift one-hundred tons, this doesn’t have the oil capacity, that I would need for the cylinder, right? Even though it has that kind of pressure, it just doesn’t have the oil capacity. – It depends on the cylinder. We have smaller cylinders
that’ll lift smaller amounts but we also have flat-body
cylinders and smaller cylinders that are a wider diameter
but will only lift maybe even a half inch or two inches. – You can use any cylinder, it’s just a matter of the stroke that you need. But if you get one with
a much higher stroke, you need a bigger oil capacity, pump. So it’s put together, we
have it all assembled. Let’s go ahead and watch the stroke. – Here we go. Wanna make it look like it’s… yeah, there we go. Come on up, come on up,
what we got, six inches? – Six inches. (chuckles) (pumping) – Within your kit, you’ll
get everything you see here except for the treadle pump. – Except for the treadle pump. – You only get one pump with your kit. – Alright, but then if you
do want the treadle pump, this goes away, and then, everything you need is
right here, correct? This, is kinda the equivalent to this, it’s just a matter of preference. – Yes. – Really? Okay. – It’s really a matter of
preference and if you have an air supply, and how
quickly you want it to work cause obviously this is gonna
go as fast as you can go. If you have an air supply,
you can go ahead and connect that in here and
then let your air pressure do the work for you, you
just have to step on it, it’ll build pressure, other side releases the
pressure back to it… easy. – Anything else? Are we missing anything? Did we cover everything?
Is this professional? Again you can buy all these at,
we have them, we have kits available on the website that goes from ten to one-hundred ton, and you can also purchase
all this stuff separately so if you just need bigger
cylinders, smaller cylinders, we have those available. Chris, thanks for coming out. – Well I’m glad to be here. – And, thanks for watching. Deuces.

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