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GBC Therm-A-Bind 2000XT – Durability Video

October 23, 2019

GBC Therm-A-Bind covers offer superior holding
power. The covers are manufactured using three separate
strips of specially formulated thermal adhesive. These strips are separated by scored which
create the nicely squared backbone of the finished document. As the adhesive liquefies and the jogging
mechanism kicks in, the individual pages actually sink into the adhesive, covering the bind
edge of each sheet on the front edge and back. The two smaller adhesive strips assure that
if the document is slightly overloaded the additional material at the front and back
will be securely held. In fact, GBC Therm-A-Bind books are so securely
bound that you can tear the paper in a book before it separates from the document. While most reports are not subjected to this
kind of abuse, you can even throw the book on the desk edge or floor and still maintain
the integrity of the document. Try this with any other binding system. The 2000XT is designed to provide quality
bound documents. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs,
you can count on GBC’s network of highly trained technicians and our industry leading factory
exchange program to get your system back up and running quickly.

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