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Fun Fair Ring

October 24, 2019

Good afternoon and welcome back to another project. Today I’m really excited because I had said that I wanted to make a ring to match this beautiful bracelet that I just designed the other day called the Fun Fair Bracelet and I came up with something really cool this is so unique and it matches my bracelet and I pulled from that octo bead and went from there with the colors. So I wanted originally to do some sort of a section but when I got into it when I wanted to do the Arcos and this section say my ring was literally this long couldn’t even bend your finger long. So that’s why I decided I’m gonna pick this section right here with the Gekko beads and the Beam beads and the Octo beads and go from there and I think it came out so so cool. So I hope you guys enjoy this project. We’re gonna dive right in get our materials together and I already have one in progress just so you know because I love the herringbone band but I’m not gonna make you watch me do that over and over again. I’ll just do I’ll just do the start and then we’ll sew it up together and we’ll be all set. So you’re gonna need just one Octo bead just two Beam Beads four Gekko beads some size 8’s 15’s and 11’s seed beads and just two 4mm rounds. I’m gonna put the project here I know it’s gonna get snagged on that mandrel so I’m just gonna set it over there and let it hang out what we bead. okay, and I’m also using Fire line and I have 1 1/2 yards strung on here size 11 beading needle you can use whatever you’re comfortable with though if you don’t like fireline and here we go. So we’re gonna start with a Beam bead middle hole and an Octo middle hole and a Beam middle. So just like this I’ll go down just a little bit. If I go to too far, it gets real blurry. So that’s why I’m gonna keep it. I thought that looks really sharp right there. Okay so now we’re gonna pick up an 8 One of our rounds and then three 15’s and we’re gonna slide it down and we’re gonna leave about a Five to six inch long tail because we’re gonna be working with this in a little bit. So just hang on to that. So we’re gonna just skip our size 15’s that we just put on and run right through the round the 8, the beam and the octo and we’re gonna step out that beam right there the middle hole. Pull and now I want this to sit in a pico shape just like that because when you put it on your finger it looks so beautiful that just that little shape really looks cool now we’re gonna repeat the same thing and 8 a round and then one, two, three 15’s, and then we’re gonna slide it down and we’re just gonna do the same thing skip all those 15’s and run through the round and the 8 and this time just through that middle hole of that beam bead right there. I apologize we’re gonna run through it all all the beads all the way up because it’s too loose. i apologize getting a little ahead of myself. All the way up until we come out that round right there at the top on the other side and pull pull on your tail pull on your working thread and there you go. You’ve got a beautiful shape. Okay, so now we’re gonna just take our time now and go around each One of these 15’s one at a time and pull nice and hard because you want to keep that shape. So one at a time and then we’re gonna go right down the round the 8 and now we’ll step out that Beam bead middle hole right there and pull. Alright, so now we’re just gonna make a quick turn. So we’re coming out of the middle hole we’re gonna jump over right into this empty hole of that Beam bead we’re gonna pick up a size 8 and one 11 slide it down. I apologize I just got snagged there. We’re just gonna skip that 11 and go right through the 8 and the Beam and pull oh my goodness Snapped my needle right in half. Told you I’m really really rough on my needles and I’m waiting for a shipment to come in and it still has not come in yet. okay, it’s so back to our work Pick up an 11 run right through the octo bead one more 11 through the beam and again we’re gonna repeat that same thing a size 8 and one 11. I’m gonna slide it down and all we’re gonna do don’t let that tail get in your way is just skip that 11 and go right back through the 8, the Beam and the next 11 right there and now we’re gonna pick up a beautiful Gekko bead a size 8 and a Gekko bead and we’re gonna run right through this 11 Beam and that size 8 and we’re gonna stop right here for a minute. Just hold put your needle right in the mat and hold right there. We’re gonna move on to the tail right now. So we’re going to attach a needle to that tail end We’re gonna secure this and lock it down so it’s not gonna have any movement going on Yes, I’m having difficulties with this one I’m telling you I have had no luck I’m down to literally three needles and they should be here today, hopefully because I can’t take it look how hard they are to put on usually I have no problems Excuse me….. Let’s try this one again just patience and patience so what you have to have and not always I always do I have the best patience but Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s happening here And I told you before I don’t edit out my errors because this is real. This really happens needles break like this. It’s hard to thread needles sometimes so there we go. I got it on finally we can move on so we’re on to the tail and I apologize for that long process normally it does not take me that long. Ok. So right now we’re coming out of the middle hole of the Beam bead in this direction this way. So we’re going to continue to follow it in that direction by just running up through the 8 the round and then again through each 15 one at a time So 1,2,3 and then right back down the round and the 8 and that Beam bead the middle hole very very careful now because you do not want to slip and pull and I want to make sure that’s laying nicely beautiful. Ok. So now we’re gonna do the same thing. We’re gonna run up that empty hole pick up an 8 and one 11 and then drop it down. I’m just gonna skip that 11 and go right through the 8 and the Beam pull we’re gonna pick up an 11 go right through that Octo bead pick up an 11 through the Beam and we’re gonna repeat one more time and 8, one 11 Skip this 11 and go right back through the 8 and that Beam and that 11 and again, we’re gonna pick up a Gekko a size 8 and a Gekko. We’re just mirroring what we did here here. That’s all and now we’re gonna go. Excuse me We’re gonna go from this bead this 11 right into this 11 Okay and there stunning I’m sorry I get real sidetracked. So here’s where I’m gonna throw in a knot because this is our tail. It’s not our long piece of working thread. So we want to get rid of it and you know I love to hide it in a size 8 so we’re just gonna go through just this Beam bead if you can if you can’t don’t stress there we go right there. So I went just through that Beam the one right before that size 8 I’m gonna grab that thread space right in between the Beam and the 8 before I pull put my needle right in that loop pull down and I’ll do it twice so I hold on to that thread space put my needle in Pull really hard and now we’re just gonna run it right up through that size 8 and pull that knot right through and we’re ready to burn and we’re done. Okay I gotta get a little closer Makes me nervous Done with the tail. Okay back to the working thread. All right So that hard part’s over and it’s not hard it’s just a little tedious. Okay, so now we’re all set. So we’re ready to start our band already. That’s how quick it is. So we’re coming out of the 8 right here. We’re just going to go through that 11 because we’re just making a turn. We’re gonna go right back down the 8, the Beam, the 11 the one Gekko and one size 8 and here we go. We’re gonna start the band. So I’m gonna pick up two I’m coming out in this direction I’m gonna bring it around and go right back through just like this you want them to lay side by side and then we’re gonna reinforce by going up pull and then back down and Do that again cuz see how loose everything is. So just retrace that one more time and actually I’m gonna do it a total of three because that’s just Me always heavily reinforcing everything okay, and now I want to do just one more row of herringbone using size 8’s and then we’ll go down to the 11’s so I’m gonna pick up two go down one right back up two and don’t worry if everything is a little loose because I told you we pulled extra thread and I’ll show you how to reinforce it so don’t stress if these aren’t laying nice and straight like they are on this one it’s because we haven’t gone and reinforced it yet. So don’t worry if it’s flopping around just just begin the herringbone. So now we’re gonna switch down to our size 11’s again we’re just gonna pick up two coming out this side. We’re gonna go down this one pull and then back up the 8 and the 11 and I need that tension a lot tighter. So I’m gonna give it a good pull. It was like if you could feel it moving and wiggling your tension is definitely not high enough so just keep going doing this stitch until you have reached your desired length. So picking up two down one and then up two Okay, and then at the very end I’m going to switch to one that’s already there at the very end you’re gonna put on two rows of size 8’s so make sure you keep that in mind when you’re doing your sizing. So you’ll finish with two size 8’s. and what I do is I always will flip it over and I will put my finger right in here that way there’s no chance of this twisting on us and make it a mess once we sew it. So we’re gonna line it right up to that 8 That’s right in between those Gekko beads, and we’re just gonna sew it together So we’re coming up this 8 right here. We’re gonna go through this 8 Just like this and then run right down this one being very careful because we can snag on just about anything right now and see how we’re really really too loose. We’re just gonna go around and reinforce so back up and through And pull and then down. I’m going down to 8’s now pulling and being very cautious cuz see how it wants to grab every little thing we have going on there and I’m going to do that one more time right up through the two cut over through the 8 and now this is why I had to pull a bunch of thread we’re gonna take This whole thing now and we’re gonna run down the entire band all the 11’s and turn all the way down tightening everything up just like this pulling really tight now see how wiggl that is that’s we’re gonna fix in a minute, so don’t stress cut over and I’m gonna go down the other side now because I want to make sure it’s nice and even and keep going all right and then I’ll show you quickly how to reinforce and you’ll be done. You will have a beautiful ring and I cannot wait for my beads to come in. I ordered a ton of these Octo beads all different colors. I can’t wait to play around with colors with them. Okay, so we’re coming out right now this stack right here that 8 we’re gonna cut over now and go this way just follow your thread path and all we’re gonna do now is just go around and start reinforcing and I’m not going to make you watch me do this whole thing because it all it is is reinforcing. So we’re gonna go up and down up and down all the beads. Not showing any thread and you can see already look at how tight that got this This one’s still a little too loose. So all you’re gonna do is weave around everything pulling nice and tight as you go and that’s it you will not need to put any more knots in here because this thing is very very very secure and you will have to take your time You’ll have to wiggle and be very very careful that you don’t slip and I always keep one of these grippers on hand because I do not like slipping and it happens a lot. So there you go so then we go back up and around down and reinforce it reinforce and you have a stunning beautiful ring this one I made for a friend. Who’s she’s teeny and she’s tiny so it’s gonna match her bracelet. Just beautifully this one is for me. So I can’t wait so I hope you enjoyed this video and I just want to say thank you so much for subscribing and thank you for sending me photos of your beautiful beadwork I really really love seeing your colors and your beautiful beading it truly makes my day. So keep on sending me photos. I hope you all enjoy this and have fun play around with color and have a wonderful day and I’ll see you really soon. Take care. Bye bye


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    You seriously blow me away every time!!! Leash your a beast with these beads!!! Love your fire! Hugs

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    Loveeeeee this ring!! Absolutely beautiful!! Another "masterpiece", lol. Thanks for sharing!

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    love it

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    Love this ring, and while watching my mind drifted off to my beadstack wondering if i have octobeads, i know i got the rest 😁

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    WEll when I find where to get these beads I will make both pieces..I loooooooooooove this ..Thanks for sharing ..amazing as always

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    Love the ring. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

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    I knew you'd come up with an amazing ring to go with the bracelet and you sure did. Alicia, it's just as beautiful as the bracelet and I love it. Can you please tell me what brand needles you use. I know you use size 11 and they appear to be long which is what I need. I'm so happy that you're feeling better.❤️🌹

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    Wow!! Sooo pretty.

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