From the Kitchen and Bathroom to the Sewing Room

Sewing Kitchen Projects

Are you interested in sewing kitchen projects. Then you have to understand the kitchen. Utilizing every space that we can in a sewing room is very important. We need big spaces and we need small spaces. We need spaces we can put things under, over, in-between—we want to utilize every space possible. But there’s a space that we can use that most of us already have in our sewing room. We just need to add to it. It’s things that can be hung over doors and drawers. Dollar stores are great to find these type of items. They have little baskets for the kitchen and the bathroom that are designed to hang on the inside of a door, but you can also hang them on the outside of the door. The baskets are designed with this little U-lip. That will slide over the top of the door and then normally you would close the door and this is hidden inside.

If you can do that; that’s great. But you can also use this on the outside of dressers and little drawer units. So this can fit on top of a drawer if you have a long drawer, or a door that opens. You can get different sizes and made out of different materials, but they all have this little U that will slide over the door frame, and then the door is going to close over top. You can store a lot in these types of containers. Rulers work great in the wide ones. With the longer one we can still add longer, thinner rulers. If you can put one beside your iron, you’re going to be able to store spray starches and adhesives and little things that you’re going to need to iron with.

Some of them will even hold patterns and kits with the fabric included/ This would be a great holder for a project that you’re working on, or your ???? project. Some of them are going to be able to hold your little snippets of fabric as you’re sewing so it keeps your sewing area clean. We can hold binding while we’re working on it. It has a bottom. It’s a great place to store your notions. We can also get the same system where they have these little hooks on them where we have towel bars. This particular one is adjustable. So depending on the size of the cupboard or the drawer, we’re going to be able to adjust this. It’s the same thing: It’s going to slip right over the top.

This can go in the inside or the outside. It’s a great area where we can hang our long strips of pieces right beside our machine. Or, we can have this by our cutting table and then move it beside the machine. We can also use this to hang our rulers on. Shower curtain hooks work great. You can get different styles. You can get round ones. They’re often sold in stationery as binder clips. And the standard teardrop one, so you have a little hook that you’re going to be able to close. We can store a lot on these little rings. You can do rotary cutters, scissors, but my favorite is rulers. I often buy sets of rulers that I want to keep together. They have holes through the center.

I’m going to be able to keep the entire set together, then I’m going to be able to just clip it over top of those handles. It’s a great space to store some of these odd-shaped rulers that we don’t use as often as the straight ones. It’s always nice if we can store the ruler with the directions. They’re safe hanging on the end of our doors. These baskets are quite to be a great addition to a sewing room. They can go beside your sewing machine, beside the iron—anything where you have a drawer or a door, you’re going to be able to use these little baskets and you can always take them off and move them as seen fit. They might say “for the kitchen or the bathroom,” but they work great for your craft room and your sewing room.


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