“Everything You Need to Know About Your Sewing Machine” Book

Handheld Sewing Machine

Today’s nifty notion is more than just a notion. It’s a notion, it’s a tip, and it’s educational. It is a new book. The book is called A Field Guide: ??? ??? ???? ?????? ??????? It’s put out by C&T publishing and it’s a great book all about how to keep your sewing machine happy, which means ?? are going to be happy. The book is written by a gentleman who has over forty years experience on sewing machines, so we’re getting information on the machine inside and out. The book has a lot of great information in it and one of the key things is it covers any brand of sewing machine. It’s not the name on the machine; it’s the type.

For example, here are all the different bobbins of different machines. We have the bobbin hooks. He also talks about bobbins. These are all the different bobbins that you can get for different machines. There’s a great article on what to look for when you’re going to buy a new machine. It also goes through using the right foot for the right job. It also talks about how to take care of your walking foot. Of course, cleaning and maintaining the machine is very important and he goes through that and he also covers all the different machines/ Now it’s still important that, just like a car, we maintain our machine by taking it to a technician/ We cannot necessarily see what is inside that machine so it’s important that they go in, they clean it, they can set the time so that it’s running to the best that it can.

Just like we would expect from a car, we do need to expect it from our machines. Sewing machines can last a lot longer than cars so it’s nice that we take care of them. It goes right into different types of tension and how those tensions work, adjusting your bobbin so that the tension is correct, and it does give us hints, if the machine’s not running correctly, what to look for and how to repair some of the little things that we are able to do ourselves. It covers needles.

Throughout the book he has a bunch of tips. He talks about pressure and balance, buttonholes, and a great reference for troubleshooting. If you want to learn more about how your machine works, how to troubleshoot it, and how to keep your machine happy so it keeps ??? happy, this is definitely a really good book to look for. This is going to be a timeless book that you’re going to be able to keep with your machine and with your manual because the information in here is really quite extensive. It’s easy to read and it’s easy to understand.

Threading A Sewing Machine For Dummies!

I saw a nine minute video explaining how to thread a sewing machine! First off, put your thread on what’s called the spool pin. Sometimes they face horizontal and sometimes they face vertical and don’t panic if yours is vertical instead of horizontal, they’re both easy. The best part is most machines have numbers on them that show you where you’re supposed to put thread! 1 2 3.

My machines got them and yours probably does too but if it doesn’t don’t panic don’t worry because it’s probably still the same anyway. 1, loop it right underneath that hook right there and pull it so it rests in that crevice. Two, pull it down and then back up through that U shape right there and in there are your tensioner discs, but don’t worry you don’t even need to know what those are yet. Now we go up and we thread it through that metal loop that is going to make your thread go up and down.

But wait SD I don’t see no metal hook sticking up from my machine! Well don’t worry don’t worry, just go to the back of your machine, find your hand wheel and just turn it a little bit! And boom there it is now you see it! And now it’s time for the homestretch you were going to thread it right through that needle better than Aaron Rodgers does in double coverage. Skol Vikings let’s win this game. Sometimes machines can have a little hook just to the side of that needle right there that you run your thread through before you run it through the needle, but don’t panic if it doesn’t. Not all machines do mine does and I still don’t even use it I just go right through the needle. And that’s it you’re all set up, now it’s time to wind a bobbin I will see you on the next one SD out, deuces!.


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