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[English subs] How to bake a Chocolate Cake -Yoonjeong’s OT in Mental Health-

October 24, 2019

Yoonjeong’s Occupational Therapy
in Mental Health
Special baking christmas chocolate cake Hello everybody~!
My name is Eom Yoonjeong,
I am an occupational therapist in mental health. Christmas is just around the corner. So today, I want to bake a chocolate cake for christmas. Baking cake is considered as a quite unusual
or a difficult subject. But today, I will show you the easiest way for patients to make a christmas cake with a rice-cooker. Christmas is the biggest holiday of the winter. for this reason, hosting a christmas party
in the hospital can be a good way to boost morale. We cannot talk about christmas parties without christmas food,
can we? Especially cakes, which appear are quite exotic to asian people, remind them that christmas is a special day of celebration. Furthermore, for patients in a hospital who
rarely eat cake, it will be an exceptional experience. However cooking is not a suitable task for patients suffering from the early stage of an eating disorder. I will cover further information of this in my occupational cooking lectures. So from now on, let’s make a chocolate cake. Ingredients are 150g pancake power, 200g chocolate, 30g unsalted butter, 4sp milk, 2 large eggs, 8 nuts and sugar powder. I will use 85% dark chocolate but if you don’t like
dark chocolate, you can use only 150g or change it to milk chocolate.
(when you use 200g dark chocolate, it’s quite bitter.) And I will use unsalted butter because the
pancake powder already contains sodium. If you only have salted butter,
you can use 15g of it with 15g cooking oil. Depending on patients’ preference,
you can add or subtract nuts and sugar powder. So let’s get started on the chocolate cake recipe! Cut chocolate blocks into small pieces and
put the chocolate and butter in a pre-heated rice-cooker. When it’s completely melted, add milk and stir it to smooth paste. Beat 2 eggs well using whisk, put them in the cooker and stir it again. Shift pancake power and whisk until the paste is combined well. Gradually shift flour and stir it until blended. Add some nuts. Clean pastes residue and press the ‘cook’ button,
as you do, when you cook rice. Completed! Let’s open it. The cake is ready when you insert a chopstick into the center of it and nothing comes out. If it’s not ready, press “cook” button once again. If it’s ready take it out. You can simply eat it like this or if you
want to enjoy it later, wrap it when it’s hot for a while for moist texture. Before you enjoy it add sugar powder on top for better taste and looks. Q. Which is the most important assessment criterion for the first visiting schizophrenic patient’s home? 1. Medication management 2. Sphere of activity 3. Social exchange 4. Money management. 5. Leisure activity The answer is 1. Medication management Since it is important that patients keep their
life pattern under their own control,
checking medication management is also
an important assessment clause. That’s it for today, see you next time. I wish you a merry christmas with your family and friends baking christmas cake. Now EOMS’ Facebook event
is running until DEC 15, I’m waiting for your great contribution. Please don’t forget to “SUBSCRIBE” and
press “like” EOMS. Bye Bye~ Merry Christmas~!


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