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Elna eXplore 320

October 24, 2019

This is the Elna eXplore 320. It is a little
workhorse of a machine. Totally mechanical if you’re into hemming your blue jeans or
sewing up leather patches, or doing any heavyweight sewing, as well as light weight, this is the
machine for you. It has got 18 built in stitches, plus a buttonhole, stretch stitches, including
what we call an overlock or a surging stitch. This is your stitch selector. Above each stitch
there’s a number, whatever stitch you want to sew, turn your little pointer towards the
number that you want to sew. The bobbin loads from the top, which gives you a clear bobbin
cover so that you can see how much thread you’ve got left on your bobbin. And the needle
threads itself. You just pull down your needle threader, hook your needle threader I’ll show
you here. Hook your needle threader , release your needle threader and you’re threaded.
You don’t even have to see the eye of the needle. It is a heavy duty machine. What I’ve
done is I’ve taken a little denim sample here. This is quite a thick heavy weight denim.
I’ve got two layers, going up to eight layers of denim. And it will handle it effortlessly.
Now did you see how that climbed over the eight layers without any stalling or effort
at all? It’s a great little entry level machine or for anybody that just wants a workhorse,
a very reliable machine for you or your children. Thank you.

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