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EL654 Ser# 0000138

October 24, 2019

This is the elna 654 differential serger,
very very nice serger I’m really happy with this one. One thing I really like about it
is the lower looper which is the one that most people struggle with threading, it’s
extremely easy to thread. There’s a little lever here that will push the threads back
into a little spot back here for you so you don’t have to do that. Couple other nice things
about this machine is it has a little built-in manual here under this little cover here.
So it will show you a picture of the stitch and it will tell you how to set up your tensions,
tell you what to do with all these little knobs. So it’s very very very easy to use.
You can also sew with stretch on sergers, it has what’s called differential feed which
controls how fast the feed dogs are feeding the fabric through, compared to how fast the
machine is sewing. So with sewing stretch when our fabric’s being stretched out of shape
you can speed the feed dogs up and it’ll feed the fabric through faster than it’s sewing
and cut out that stretch. Serial number on this machine is 0000138.

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