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Don’t Stick Your Hand in the Wrong Hole in the Wall Challenge!

October 23, 2019

– What? What is that? – [Dad] What is it feel like? – Worms. Hey guys. So today we’re going to be
doing another crazy challenge and this one is Don’t Stick Your Hand in The Wrong Hole In the Wall. So basically behind these two holes, we’re gonna put our hand in one of them and behind it could be something
weird, bad, disgusting. Basically there’s going to
be some little containers and we’re going to be have to find them in the whatever we put our hands in. And it will say a food item that we’re going to have to taste or eat. – And it might be disgusting. It might be the worst food ever. It might be good. It might be weird. – Yeah. So I am hoping in that it’s not like snake or like snails or something
because quite weird. – We’ve tasted snake jerky
and also I’ve had shark jerky so I won’t be surprised about
the crazy things in there. – If we eat the food item that we get, we’re going to get one point and whoever has the most point
by the end of the challenge wins a 100 dollars.
– A 100 dollars. – So that’s why I am going to win. – No I’m going to win. – But in order to get to the food item, we’re gonna have to dig through whatever grossness is behind this wall. – Make sure you subscribe
for more crazy challenges. – Now we’re gonna do rock,
paper, scissors, shoot to see who’s gonna go first and stick their hand into the wall. Rock, paper, scissor, shoot. Rock, paper, scissor, shoot. – No. I mean yes. – Not if you have to
dig through that stuff. Who knows what I’m gonna get? Okay let the games begin. So I’m super excited but
I’m also kind of nervous because I have no idea what’s
going to be behind this wall. We’re gonna have five rounds each and it could be good or it could be bad. One could be bad and one could be good. I have no idea. So I’m just gonna hope
that I get something good. – I hope no. – [Dad] Sure it’s that one. Are you sure you’re gonna pick that one? – I don’t know which one. I don’t want it to be alive. – [Dad] Alive? – I am gonna go for this one. Ew. Wha? What it is this? – [dad] What does it feel like? – [Emily] Sticky slime that hasn’t been activated in three months. – [Dad] That good huh? – It’s really weird. Where’s the container? My hand is stuck. – [Dad] Your hand is stuck? – Yeah, it’s this like
thick glue or something. Okay I got the container. – [Dad] Okay. – Take my hand out. Ew. – [Evelyn] Peanut butter. Peanut butter.
– Peanut butter. – [Dad] I thought you liked peanut butter. – Not really. – Lick it off, I dare you. Give it to Mango. – Let’s see what I have inside. – Yeah you should give it to Mango. – What? I don’t have a good feeling about this. – Yeah because you’re all covered in peanut butter for Mango. – [Dad] All right give it to me. I’ll open it for you. Ding Dong. – A ding dong. At least I get something
good for the food. Here’s my yummy Ding Dong. – [Dad] Can I have a bite? – No. – Can I have a bite? – [Dad] Evelyn it’s your turn. Which one you’re gonna pick? – I don’t know. Should I pick this one? – [Man] It’s not up to me. It’s up to you. – No that one Emily had to
touch gross peanut butter. So maybe I should go for this one. – [Man] Yeah remember one has nothing to do with the other one. So your mom switched them up real good. – Still gonna pick this. – [Man] Good luck. – Ow, it’s spiky and crunchy. Oh wait I think I know what this is. – [Man] You know what it is? What is it? – Hay. – [Man] Is it hay? That’s not so bad. – [Evelyn] Yeah. – [Man] Did you find the little container? – Whoop. Nope. Okay I found it. – [Man] Okay so what did you get? – I got onion. – [Man] All right Evelyn
here’s your onions. – Thanks. Okay I am gonna do this one loopty loop. It smells bad. – Then don’t eat it. – [Man] Go for it Evelyn. – I wouldn’t eat a onion. – [Man] Yay. Okay are you ready? Round two. – I don’t know I am kind of nervous but I really want to win so. – [Man] You can forfeit
and then Evelyn wins. A 100 dollars. You picking that one? – No. I don’t know. – [Man] You picking that one? – (screams) what is that? – [Man] What do you mean what is that? You gotta guess what it is . – Is is a porcupine? – [Man] Porcupine? Really? You think I can get a
porcupine to sit there. No it’s not a porcupine. – Is it the puffer fish? – [Man] Oh the puffer fish. No it’s not that. It’s not that. – Why is it so spiky? – [Man] What if it has spikes on it? – Spiky. I feel the thing. – [Man] Okay. – It’s going in a spike, I can’t get it. It’s really spiky. It’s round. – [Man] Okay. – [Emily] It has like a thing. As like more like spike on hop. It’s super spiky. Okay I think I really got it. I think I got it. I got the container. Wait, is that a pineapple? – [Man] Yeah. – Cool. Well it’s really spiky. I don’t like that. – [Man] Well it’s a whole pineapple. You got it. – Tuna. – [Man] Tuna is yummy. It’s delicious. – No it’s not. It’s really stinky. It smells– – [Man] Chicken of the sea. – What? – [Man] There’s your tuna. – Ew, Emily how can you eat that? I would never eat that. – [Man] Stop trying to
put her off, Evelyn. I’ve seen you eat tuna fish before. – Well. – [Man] Actually, with the onion that would taste even better. – Ew.
– [Evelyn] Ew. – Definitely worth a 100 dollars so. – [Man] Go for it. – Ew it smells like poo.
– It smells like dog breath. – [Man] Delicious. – Feel fishy. – [Man] It’s yummy. – [Evelyn] Chicken of the sea. – [Man] Okay Evelyn you ready? – I don’t know. Because that one might
even have like an animal like a snake or a spider
that could bite me so maybe I should do this one. Ah. What’s this? It feels gross and like huffy. Fluffy. – [Man] It’s not that bad. – I can’t find the container. – [Man] It’s definitely in there. – I found it. Ew. Like glue. – [Man] Come on, that’s shaving cream. – I got shaving cream. – [Man] Yeah you did. – Okay can you please open this? – [Man] Sure. Do you wanna know what you got? – Yes. – [Man] You got a cookie. – Yummy. Yum. – [Man] Yum. That should definitely
taste better than the onion. – That’s really good. – [Man] All right Emily
you ready for round three? – Yeah. – [Man] So far it’s actually a tie. And you guys have been
pretty good at this so far. So you know it’s gonna be close. – Okay. You know I’m gonna with this one. – [Father] Oh you went straight for it. Wha? What is that? – [Man] What does it feel like? – Worms. – [Man] What? Worms? Are they alive? – No, they’re dried up meal worm. – [Man] Oh my gosh how did you know that? – We’ve had meal worm
before in other videos so. – [Man] Oh you remember that. So gross. – Yeah. But I have to find that container. – [Man] You can do it – I am really grossed out. – [Man] You got it or it
could be something else. – No it’s the side. Found it. – [Man] Oh you sure? Ahah. – Ew, there’s bug. Whatever. At least they’re not spiders. Okay – [Man] What did you get? – It’s a little sticky. Okay I got Oreo. Thanks. Just curious what was the food
item in the other container? – [Man] Snails. – Okay even though I had
to touch a meal worms, I am happy I got a Oreo. I like the cream. It’s so yummy. – I don’t know. I don’t want to put my hand in either. ’cause last time Emily got meal worms. – [Man] I know she did. – I choose– – [Man] You know what you can forfeit. – No. This one? No no this one? This one? This one? This one. – [Man] Good luck. – Wait, what? What is this? – [Man] What does it feel like? – Feels like chips. Potato chips. – [Man] Yum. Is that what you think it is? – Yeah. – [Man] You got it? – Yeah. – [Man] Okay let’s see what it is. – My hand’s greasy. – [Man] It’s okay. It’s better than the worms. What do you got? – I got a small piece of paper. – [Man] And? – I got pepperoni. – [Man] pepperoni? It’s yummy. – Can I have it on pizza? – [Man] No not the pizza
just the pepperoni. – How am I supposed to eat it? pepperoni. I don’t know if I am
gonna have some pepperoni. – [Man] It’s good. You eat it on pizza all the time. It’s delicious. Forfeit? – No. – [Man] Eat it. – Just because of a pepperoni? No way. – [Man] So eat it then. Good for you. Yummy. Okay Emily you ready. – Yeah but I don’t know which one to pick. I think they might be both bad. – [Man] They might be both bad. They might not be both bad. – Is it alive? – [Man] Alive? Can’t say Emily. I can not say. – Probably (mumbles) I am gonna go with this one. – [Man] Okay good luck. – Ew, weird. String. – [Man] Nope. – [Emily] Oh wait it’s like sticky. – [Man] Okay. – Can smush it. – [Man] Okay. – Silly string? – [Man] No. – Can you eat it? – [Man] You can eat it. – Oh I know what it is. – [Man] What is it? – Pasta. – [Man] It is pasta. What kind? – Spaghetti. – [Man] It’s spaghetti. – [Emily] Where’s the container? – [Man] Oh yeah it’s pretty
hard to find in that. – Oh I think I have something. Kinda gross. It’s all over the board with them. Ew. I have to open this somehow. – [Man] Do you want me
to open this for you? – Oh I got it. Stick here. Ew, there’s pasta all over the floor. Pickles? Are you serious? – [Man] Pickles, you love pickles. – No I don’t. You know I really don’t like pickles. I am not eating pickles. – [Man] If you lose a point, Evelyn’s gonna be in the lead. – I am not gonna eat pickles so. – [Man] Wow are you sure? Then I’ve just gonna have to hope that she’s gonna do the
same thing sooner or later. – [Evelyn] That’s not happening. Never ever. – [Man] All right you’re
gonna lose a point. – Okay then. – [Man] Okay Evelyn you’re
in the lead so good for you. – I know I’m about to win the money. – [Man] Well let’s see. – I am gonna do this one. No no.
– [Man] It’s up to you. Don’t ask me.
– I am gonna do this one. – [Man] What does it feel like? – It’s like fluffy and has like lines. – [Man] Okay so what does it feel like? – Feathers? – [Man] It is feathers, good for you. – I already found the container. Wait. – [Man] So let’s see what you got. (mumbles) – [Man] Okay let’s see what you got. – Okay. I got this paper. – Okay and what does it say? – It says – [Man] Lank? – Meat. Yummy, I got strawberries. – [Man] Strawberry time. – Yummy. Oh it actually looks really good. – [Man] How was it? – Really good. – [Man] All right Emily last round. Good luck. – From the last ones I’ve
had, they weren’t so good so I hope this is actually
going to be good but (mumbles) Cold. It’s really cold. Pretty sure it’s gonna
be the most disgusting. It’s really cold. Oh it’s ice cubes. Where’s this container? It’s really really really cold. It’s like a ice skating rink in there. I think I got it. Okay my hand is cold. I am probably gonna have to eat this ’cause Evelyn she might not want to eat what she gets in the next
round so could be tied. – [Man] Wow, what about if
she eats it, then you lose but
– yeah but. – [Man] either you gotta
give your best shot. What is it? What is it? – Ah my hands are so cold. I got baby food. Well I am going to do it because
I might not have a chance. – [Man] There’s your baby food. And there’s your baby spoon. – It doesn’t look so appetizing. I don’t know why this little baby is so excited about eating
this kind of stuff but. – [Man] ’cause he doesn’t know any better. You used to eat that stuff too. – [Evelyn] Ew it looks like poop. – It kind of stinks. – [Man] Dunk it. Dunk it. Dunk it. – Not that bad. – [Evelyn] Then eat it. Eat it. – Actually it’s kind of bad. – [Man] You can forfeit. – [Evelyn] Eat it. Eat it. Eat it. – I don’t recommend this. (man laughs) – [Man] Is it sour? Like really sour? – Yeah. It’s baby. – [Man] How does that
baby eat that sour food? – I don’t know. – [Man] Well you did it. Good for you. You got a point. All right Evelyn you’re doing really good. You’re in the lead but
Emily got the last round so if you don’t get this right, it’s a tie and that means you have to split the money between all three of us
’cause I want some too. Good luck. – Okay. This one. Or this one? This one. Ohh feels like really. – [Man] What does it feel like? – Soft snow. – [Man] Soft snow? Is it cold. – No like very fine sand. – [Man] Very fine sand. – Wait no is it flour? – [Man] Yeah it’s flour. – It’s really good. Now I have to find the container. – [Man] Yup the little
capsule’s in there somewhere. Is that it? – I found it already. Oh yeah, that one’s flour. – [Man] And what did you get? You want me to open it for you? – It’s fine. I got. – [Man] What did you get? – Ice cream. – [Man] You’re so lucky. – I got ice cream. I got ice cream. – [Man] Wow not only did you pick the right one, you got a yummy food. – I got ice cream. I got ice cream. – How’s the ice cream Evelyn? – It’s really good. – [Man] Good for you. – It was really exciting but
I should’ve eaten that pickle. – [Man] Yeah. – Even though pickles are
actually pretty gross but. – [Man] That would’ve been a — – How did you didn’t eat it? – [Man] Yeah that would’ve
been a tie if you’d eaten it. Well here you go Evelyn,
here’s your 100 dollars. – Thank you. – [Man] You’re welcome. Where you’re gonna spend it on? – ROBLOX. – [Man] Oh really. – It’s a really super super
happy face like Billy one. – [Man] Oh congratulations. – Thank you. – Well I mean I’m happy for her. – Because I got ice
cream and a 100 dollars. – I want ice cream and a 100 dollars like I got pickle and baby food. Come on but anyways this is
a pretty exciting challenge. Comment down below, if
you want a 100 dollars, what would you spend it on? I would probably spend it on
ROBLOX or Nintendo Switch so. Make sure you watch one
of our videos down here. And thanks for watching. Please subscribe and bye.
– Please subscribe and bye.

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