DITL 16 09 16 – Tao’s got a hole

October 24, 2019

Oh good morning guys it’s kind of been a slow start to the day i did wake up at seven but i was still really tired i feel like i have a melatonin hangover I didn’t take it for a week while I was sick because i was taking antibiotics and a whole lot of other things and i didn’t want to take too much stuff but um since i finish my antibiotics I’ve been taking melatonin again and I just feel so tired during the day I’m having trouble um waking up and getting out of bed and then I just wanted that once I have gotten up and my brains kind of having trouble functioning so I didn’t even take it last night because I was having this problem yesterday and I think I’m not going to take it again tonight I think maybe I don’t know so what I’m doing today is I’m just working on my craft table set up um it’s probably going to be a fairly long video because it’s a lot of random stuff that I need to do and it takes time and there’s a whole lot of planning involved it’s it’s kind of I guess to have a good setup there’s a tail wagging in the background to have a good setup it kind of takes a bit of extra planning so oops i think i’m going to record that is a separate video and then I’m probably gonna put it out is the video for next not tomorrow but the Saturday after when we’re at the UM Sunday I’m not sure i’ll put it out saturday or sunday next week because one of those days i haven’t quite figured it out yet but around that time i’m going to have a bit of trouble getting editing and subtitling done because we’ll be we might not have an internet connection and and we might be too busy with other craft stuff other market stuff so i will save it to put out at another time but i will film it now sort of as I go along only the girls are headed this the boys are not very good at this game this is a game we play as indoor enrichment sorry this feathers and capital lupus organ but basically the boys aren’t good at this game they don’t really understand how to play but wrap a bowl up in a blanket and then the girls have to sniff it out and thao actually uses her nose to sniff it out but Tilly just kind of mangles a blanket all about and Wilfred we use we use wolford as a distraction technique they have to find out and evade Wilfred and his slime good girl then oh dear drop it and then do all over again ready when mr. moose is here it’s a little bit easier because we make the dog suit one by one actually trying some interest he normally just ignores it Tao gets a bit frustrated when Tilly just messes the bike it up and she can’t get the ball out because till he’s in the way until he gets frustrated with thao because Todd takes so long but she uses her nose to find it which is kind of the point of the game Wofford doesn’t understand the game if it doesn’t understand very much in life that’s why he’s Wilfred she’s not letting you have a goal the funny thing is with silly she messes a blanket up so much that she often just reach angles the ball in there again alfie is really interested I’m holding Tilly here so she can’t she can’t mess it up wolford is providing a distraction technique Tilly know it’s the first time I’ve seen Alfie sort of try and join in kind of he’s not really good girl towel good go Wilfred take an advantage good girl tau well done pickle delete sake good girl you you what happened then we’re just playing with a ball and tilly snapped chilly chilly outside please nelly do it Joey Trump telly Jimmy okay she got home but she’ll be okay did she need stitches not nothing today has got to I think deep enough for stitches it’s a bit hard to see cuz of the way she’s sitting oh and then she’s to me boy to me oh wait now till we back off to eat come on no chilly so you didn’t come here no the while most concerning one is there’s a couple of nicks on her eyelid but our eyes fine okay yeah I check those those I think those are old yeah this uh there’s a couple of you mix it up one of my lid I think from having a facebook but the desert to the eye and there’s no evidence that the those a tooth and she’s got like she got her jowl grabbed on the inside oh but it went straight through yeah it’s a lot of big hole would be worried about it yeah there’s the niccola mechanism maybe prob she’s gonna be scared though we are here at the vet tower until he got into a bit of a scuffle towns got a little bit of a hole on the side of her chest it just needs to be get stitched on so it’s not serious but it’s much better to make sure she gets the stitches and antibiotics rather than getting infected later she knows she’s not gonna want to come in good girl town she just took my start backing up soon oh we can get away too yeah yes it was funny because we went into the vet and the first thing the vet nurse said was always it Tilly again because every time we go it’s always Tilly has been knocked out poor darling so we left her at the vet she is getting checked out by Maria who is the vet for all of our animals and they think maybe she can just get a couple of staples and hopefully she would need to get nana said it will which will make it a lot cheaper and so Maria will check and then give us a call and we’ll go pick up later in the evening it’s only it’s only noon so we’ll probably go get her like seven or eight normally that’s what we do anyway so continue on with our day Tilly is fine she’s got a little hole in her nose and one in her her lip one on the side of her cheek but there’s nothing serious so she’ll be fine ok the table is set back up again for sewing and this weekend and some of next week we’ll just be more sewing for the market under my desk is pretty clear again which is nice but now I have to vacuum that makes me kind of sad and that’s pretty much everything in front of the shelves and those green ones on the floor that’s kind of my stock and my setup so yeah the only thing we need to do is we’re going to drop by kmart and maybe see if they have cheap portable clothes stones to hang my skirts on but if they don’t then that’s fine or just pop them in a bucket or something on the ground sky so pretty that’s not showing up as nicely as it is actually today’s the first day in like a week that it hasn’t rained I don’t complain about the ring because the brain is good but we’ve had a love break everything is still flooded on the other side of the preview the sunset the sunset of a beautiful spot line it’s like the entranceway to heaven we’re having fish and chips for dinner who just had too much going on today to cook anything we just got home from Kmart and the vet and it appears that I did actually get bitten by probably Tilly when I was breaking up the not focusing when I was breaking up the dog fight but it’s fine it doesn’t hurt that much and she only punctured a little bit everyone’s very calm well Wilfred Wilfred but you know till he’s just been sleeping all day we basically wrapped up in a blanket and she fell asleep for hours she was not moving she was so tired and towers fine the tranquilizer she had at the vet has worn off but she is still really doc be like she’s just gone straight to sleep we popped around the crate so she could get some rest and she’s yeah she’s completely asleep and so we’ll just leave her in there to rest

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