(chain of fools) Chain Stitch : Beginner Crochet Tutorial

October 25, 2019

Hello Youtube and welcome back to fireCrochet.
Wallet chain, ball and chain, whips and chains… Chains do a lot of things in this world and
being the foundation for your crochet project is one of them!
After making your slip knot the first thing your pattern is probably going to tell you
to do is to chain a certain number of stitches. Don’t worry, it’s super easy.
Once you get the hang of it you can sit down in front of your favorite television show
and just go to town. Chain away. This is how you chain your balls. That’s not
what I meant. Let’s get to it. Okay, to start off you’re going to make a
slip knot that isn’t so tight that it completely chokes the throat of your crochet hook
You’re going to take your hook in one hand and your yarn in the other and then something
that’s very important, you’re going to wanna create tension on the yarn.
So to do that, what I like to do is wrap it around my middle finger and then halfway around
my first. Perfect. That way I can control the tension,
I can pull or not pull and that will keep the tension pretty much the same throughout.
Onto the chain stitch, you’re going to take your crochet hook and then yarn over your
crochet hook like that. Take it and pull it through the loop.
And that’s all there is to it. Once again, take your yarn, cross it over
and pull it through the loop. One more time.
And there you go. That is a chain stitch. Kinda looks like a braid.
And that is it for this time my happy little hookers when we actually start learning some

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