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Jamie Carson who is a longtime longtime viewer all right hold on a second all right so Jamie I have like a D stash event was it late last year early this year oh yeah it was actually last year wow it’s been a while since we moved to Florida so ID stashed a bunch of fabric I had and did kind of like a like alittle goodie bag event and Jamie used fabric she got from my D stash to make new look pattern and six six oh one Jamie it looks you look amazing that is awesome.

I’m a little jealous that you’ve actually been able to sew some clothes for yourself late recently because I have not oh my gosh that looks so great and then she also wanted to share that one of her noon quote-unquote neighbors who’s a bird is she is doing some up cycling to build its nest her her nest I’m assuming this bird is a girl how a neat re that is a cool picture thank you ford uring these Jamie and if you would like to be featured on a sewing report Sunday Night Live use hashtag sewing report squad on Instagram and I’ll be checking every week and sharing your posts.

so if you’d like to be included you can certainly do that oh my gosh like seriously though like I it’s I don’t know about you guys it’s been kind of a rough week uh but you know we’re still alive and oh my gosh so I don’t know if you guys are following a lot of like the YouTube community stuff but things are really blowing up in the beauty guru community and I was I was kind of like watching from the peanut gallery because I’m not a I don’t do beauty stuff.

I do follow some Beauty you tubers but oh my gosh the drama this week like it made it you know made it to like traditional media everyone is covering this whole thing with like the James Charles toddy

Westbrook Jeffrey star situation and I just I’m just like wow this is a lot going on I did not realize there was this much this this much you know just drama and like craziness going on in that that world like I know sometimes there’s a little bit of you know scandalor controversy in our neck of the woods too we are of course not not escaping it either but man this was like next-level stuff so I don’t know I don’t really want to get too into it but I was kind of lurking on I was sort of lurking on red it’s beauty guru chatter sub reddit just to see what was going on and I did find a new I think I I personally have a new favorite you tuber he does not he has nothing to do with sewing.

but I found this guy’s channel named Peter Mon and I’ll show you guys and this this band is like my new personal I think he’s my new personal hero because this guy is just he’s hilarious so if you if you are kind of into like gossipy whatever like this might be for you but this this guy um his name is Pierre Monde he is a 46 year old gay man in Annapolis and he has like thought like he has more YouTube channels than me which is which is saying a lot so this guy does like his main channel is a the drama channel so Peter ma.

I just love his personality he’s hilarious bu he’s also like not he’s not outrageous he’s not ridiculous and he treats people with you know respect and like he he’s not like he’s not like a trash talker he’s more like just kind of observing what’s going on and then he kind of gives his take so peter has oh so the one thing I do love about Peter is not only does he have a drama channel on YouTube he’s also part of the candle logging community which I did not know existed so he does reviews and he vlogs about candles and he also has his own candle line as well .

I guess he teamed up with this uh he teamed up with this company called the poorhouse so you can get you can get a Peter man like branded candle which I guess the poorhouse haste made up with some other you tubers as well like rich Lux which is another drama channel where’s the Peter man with the peer mom one was like a really funny scent – whoops sorry that was my mic.

but this guy I feel like the silver lining from all the YouTube drama is that I discovered the pewter man channel he has a haunted Halloween scented soy wax candle but then he also has one that’s called a drama class Peters drama class.

which I just think is great so if you’re if you’re just looking to purely be entertain and you just want like somebody with a really fun personality I highly I give this channel if I could give it like five thumbs up I would Peterman is like my new just just everything this guy is great and he always starts out his UTV’s like hey guys it’s me I’m back um I’m always back well I’m not going anywhere and then he has like a paper fan that he like you know always like dramatically busts out you just to see it so check out some of his videos I’ll actually you know I’ll go ahead and link his channel in the in the comments or in the chat here but he’s just really funny even if you don’t really give a crap about his subject matter his personality is just like off the chain like.

I just I really love this guy I think he’s super fun like I want to be like his best friend or something I don’t know so yes so I really okay so clearly I’m not the only one that likes Peter Mont okay so we’ve got a few other got a few other fans okay Jackie hello so Jackie had to take her grand daughter to soccer practice hello from hello in Maryland Jackie okay so Terry you’re also a Peter fan as well I don’t know hi didn’t find this guy until this week but I for some reason one of his videos were recommended to me cuz I I did follow like I do still follow toddy Westbrook and I always enjoyed her makeup videos.

I thought she has a really like strong I liked her opinions and views on makeup products so I always did enjoy her clearly I’m not a makeup guru myself but I enjoy watching them in fact YouTube is how I learned how to do eye makeup for Asian eyes because I had no idea and I grew up in Buffalo New York so I didn’t know anything about how to do like hooded eyes or anything until I found YouTube and I started following like Michelle Pan and like there’s another one called like Hall Anna array and there was another girl like I don’t even know if issues I haven’t even checked out like I feel like there’s a lot of go you tubers that I used to watch like ten years ago and for some reason I just stopped watching and have her only gone back to but Tati Westbrook.

I probably been watching her for you know I don’t know probably like six or seven years so it’s just been kind of crazy to see how how much you know insanity has gone on this week so but yeah but yeah Peter Mon man this dude is like for real and I was kind of thinking so I have an idea for some some videos and I don’t know how you guys feel about this but there are some kind of like small to mid-level you tubers that I like that I would kind of just like to send them a hand stone item to their p.

O box and what happens Peter man is one of them I will so he also does a thing where he’s like I’m YouTube famous now so I kind of want to send him something with embroidered on it like Peter man YouTube famous and just see like if he gets it so I was thinking about I don’t know I was kind of thinking about doing that just to see see if they like response see if they get it a couple of years ago I actually I was big into Casey Astatine logs a few years ago.

I actually sent him a baby quilt for his daughter I got a tweet back from his wife saying I want this she’s like oh I want the quilt but I you know and and the reason I did it was because Casey would open his mail on camera a lot so I was like it would be kind of cool to send him a quilt hmmexcuse me hmm and have him get it maybe like open it during the mail time butthat did not happen and I’m sure Casey Neistat gets like a gazillion packages aday but I would really like to maybe try to send stuff to like small like again small to mid-level you tubers like so nobody over like maybe like 250,000 has about 200 so that’s probably like the biggest I would go but maybe like or the other of the exception I might make though I’m a big fan of this channel Leeanne says so maybe I would do something I like her style her personality I just think she seems like a cool person so maybe I might do that for some videos is just kind of make like random gifts that like are tailored to this particular you tuber that I like and try to send them stuff in the mail Imean they could just not get it at all they could you know hate it who knows but I figured why not try and maybe that would also at least you know like for a lot a lot of people are just kind of unfamiliar with the sewing world to begin with so maybe that would kind of just help people be like hey there’s people who sew out they’re cool so that’s what I’m thinking about doing because Peter Mont has a p.

O box listed I really do want to make something with one of his catchphrases on it this guy is freaking hilarious I just really appreciate it is his video he also so he has a couple channels he has a channel with his husband he has a vlog channel where it’s like him driving in like his car late at night and he just kind of talks he says it’s more like a podcast and he just wants people to listen to his voice but I just I love this guy and I think he’s I think he has my new favorite you tuber for sure so we’ll see if I can do that but I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this channel do you think he would like something.

I put like Peter you know like Peter Mon YouTube famous is like a joke for what he always talks about also he always wears like a baseball cap with the word icon in it I don’t know what that means but I just really I like this dude I think he seems really cool like I would want it I would totally want to be like friends with him so I don’t know so yeah I’m at this point I’m kind of rambling but that’s that’s okay buddy but what are you guys up to this week are you sewing anything clearly I’m just I’m just trying to work on editing and so and I mentioned earlier that I we are getting rid of a we are getting rid of Netflix because I don’t know my husband’s kind of over the stuff on Netflix.

I know there’s allt hese Netflix originals he’s just not like that into it anymore so so we got HBO and we’ve decided to cancel Netflix our Netflix subscription ends in a few days so pretty much now we just have like Amazon Prime video and then we have HBO but in the meantime I decided I was gonna like do kind of like a last tour with Netflix see if there was anything I really wanted to watch and if so I wasgonna like you know I was I was gonna give it a go so I did oh so I did findthis one random show I’ve kind of talked about this a little bit before but I am sort of getting really deep into into uh asian dramas I know I know if you ever seen an Asian drama you kind of like get.

what it’s all about I don’t know why Inever really like I used to watch like Sailor Moon when I was a kid and I loved I just absolutely loved Sailor Moon I just thought that was the coolest show ever and then I watched a little bit of anime in college but I didn’t really like no like I just didn’t really know much much of it what it was about or anything but then I discovered there’s all this whole world of like asian dramas and like this whole thing is kind of like like it’s a crazy world out there so I’ve started watching this show called well-intended love and and I’ve noticed there’s a lot of themes about I noticed there’s a lot of themes about these asian dramas that are like super cliche.

so if you have not watched an Asian drama it’s basically I would describe it like a cup like if you combine one of those lifetime Hallmark Channel movies with a 90s sitcom existent and that’s an Asian drama they’re just kind of crazy and you again even if you’re not Asian there’s still like a total trip to watch like they’re really fun and the plot lines tend to be like really over the top and ridiculous the fashion is I would say the fashion is very eye brow-raising I don’t really get even after watching like a bunch of these things I really don’t get Asian fashion at all like I’ll show you an example so I’m on this show of course it’s about this seems to be a common theme in Asian dramas the the contract marriage I don’t know I don’t know if that’s ever happened to someone like in modern day actual life but there’s always these plot lines where somebody has to marry like they get into a contract like a fake marriage or a fake relationship for some like really like off-the-wall bizarre reason that makes no sense.

but in the in the Asian drama you’re like okay cool that’s that’s fun sorry teri thanks for Gerry Terry’s got to check out cuz she’s going to Joe she’s got a Jo Ann run tomorrow hey God speed to you Jen you went to an estate sale woo hoo and you got some fabric awesome okay so I want to show you guys something so this is kind of a just the epitome of Asian fashion so this drama is actually Chinese if you have not checked out on Netflix it’s pretty wild so far so I’m gonna hope to get through all the episodes before our Netflix subscription is is canceled in a few days but alright so alright this guy has this he’s been wearing this and like.

I think a couple episodes but this dude like I don’t know what’s up with this like jean jacket and it’s a whole outfit like it’s not just alright let me try to it’s it’s actually not just oh here we go it’s not just notice it’s not just a jacket it’s also matching pants and doesn’t this look like it was cover stitched like you can see like the detailing so maybe they use the brother 3550 I don’t know but I just thought this outfit was this is just the perfect example of like just confusing Asian fashion apparently and this this was it looks like it was shot fairly recently so it’s not like super old but this guy’s outfit I just I just don’t get it I mean he’s like

this guy is supposed to be some sort of like movie star or actor or something but this show is pretty wild so far and I’m curious to see how it ends up but yeah what do you guys think of this outfit but yeah you can see like if you get closer up that that it’s not that it’s like yeah like you can see it this is definitely like cuff or stitching so maybe this is like the double sided cover stitch I don’t Know.

but I just this outfit I don’t know I’m a little I’m not quite on board with this dude I don’t know but anyways I have been rambling for a while but thank you guys for joining me even after the technical issues so I’m not sure if we’re going to be doing this per-scheduled thing again just because it seems like there were some problems with it so we’ll see but I don’t know Ijust did this was not working for me this week.

I don’t know why it worked totally fine last week so I was like okay I think this seems like a good idea but for some reason it was just not it was just not working out this week so I don’t really know it what to do with this alright so we got an e I used to work from homes like clear up office room to make a craft studio this week awesome you’ve got lots of space congratulations on that okay so Annie you like the jacket okay so I was just confused like I’ve just noticed that about the fashion in these asian dramas sometimes it’s just a little like off-the-wall

I don’t really quite understand it but hey you know what I’m certainly not a fashion plate here butany ways I hope you guys have a great week I’ve got a really fun video coming out this Thursday and if you have any suggestions for stuff you’d like to talk about in the next live stream let me know below in the comments.

I’d love to love to hear your thoughts but few guys that just like to join in every week and just chat thank you so much and if you are gonna watch the game of Thrones a series finale I wish I don’t know let’s see yeah here’s here’s hope into adecent ending that’s that’s all I could hope forbut I will see you guys next week I’m gonna get ready I’m gonna get something to eat and get ready to watch it and of course I’m gonna be changed at this deskcuz.

I got to do a lot of editing so I will see you guys next week and I hope you have a great one happy sewing to everyone out there then again thank you guys so so much for all the support I think I’m about to hit 22,000subscribers and I feel so lucky and blessed to be in this situation and it’s all because of you so

I’m also getting I got I still have to get together with my stuff away for some sort of giveaway so that is definitely going to be happening in the near future but this week.

I had a few person like emergencies and that just uh that really threw off my schedule for productivity that kind of kind of sucked but I’m sure you guys can all relate to something like that at some point happening cuz it happens to everybody like there’s always gonna be something that comes up that throws a wrench in your plans a but again thank you for joining me.

I’m Jennifer Moore at the sewing report and feel free to subscribe to this channel if you love sewing crafts DIY projects and watching crazy me just chitchat I’ll see you guys later.


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