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P Netflix so I’m trying to get in I’m really trying to get the watching I can in the in the next few days before before we we have canceled it so so we will see and yeah so yes great British song B if you are in the UK definitely definitely give it a go but I thought they were cool like to get an email from them was kind of neat I do wish there was a come on guys come out with like an American version just for like sewing I know there’s them ake it craft show but that’s got a lot of other stuff I would just like to see and Project Runway again fashion sewing I would more like to see like a sewings how like that like for kinda like amateurs like me someone where I might be able to have like a shot at possibly getting on there I don’t know but yes so as I mentioned this week has been this week has been kind of a like I don’t know it’s been kind of a real real cluster here so for various reasons not to get into it.

but yeah I don’t feel like I feel like this is one of those weeks for just nothing is going right so I’ve been trying to edit some videos I haven’t really done a lot of sewing this week just because I’ve been so busy and backlogged with editing and then one of the videos that I spent a lot of time editing for various reasons I’m probably not gonna be putting it out so that was kind of a bummer and that I’ve been working on a client’s video and then just trying to I don’t know deal deal with everything else so I hope you guys are doing well and yeah I’m really I’m really excited about I don’t know if I’m excited but I’m definitely pretty pretty anxious I will say I’m just anxious to get all this game as their own stuff out of the way so I can move on with my life finally so will see.

we’ll see how this how this end slaughs I will say though I didn’t really mind last week’s episode I know a lot of people were upset with it I was not really upset with that development I guess I you I feel like I kind of saw it coming and I you know I think it kind of goes in line with that particular character but I I guess they’ve got aprequel at least one I don’t know how many prequels they can do about Game of Thrones but apparently there is at least one prequel in the works already that’s gonna be on HBO and they’re already like shooting it I’m kind of curious though because I want to see the backstory on like the first men and the children to the forest and the White Walkers and the night king so hopefully they get into that and the prequel.

because they really didn’t explain a lot of that on the show so I don’t know here’s you r’s hope and know right so but are you guys excited about the final episode and I also was it was a little bit bittersweet because the final up is the finale of the Big Bang Theory was also airing this week and not I thought the ending was okay like I didn’t really mind didn’t really mind you know I wasn’t like upset I could it have been better possibly we never did find out Penny’s last name which they had a really great opportunity to share that and they did not so that was one thing I was like are we ever gonna find out what her last name really was maybe not so that was another show that was that was oh my gosh and I still have the great sorry guys oh my gosh.

I got to get it together I still had the Great British sewing the graphic up there for a really long time but on the upside at least she didn’t have to look at my my mug for all that time so and I’m yeah today is uh we’ll see I’ve got I’ve got the bun and I didn’t really feel like doing my hair Ihaven’t really felt like doing a lot this week I’ve been trying so we’ll see how that works out so some other things that are going on so I we checked out the brother I mean seriously those Brother sewing machines I was just like oh yeah you know I mean I love my sewing machines but yeah those features were just crazy like who ever knew you needed stitch vision edit was one of those things that you you never knew you needed but now that you see it you want it unlike that that is really cool I like being able and you don’t have to mark like if you’re doing like half square triangles or anything where you have to sew a straight line you don’t have to mark the fabric at all you can just use that line as a guideline line of uh you know light a projection I mean how cool is that what are they kind of come out with next is there gonna be a sewing machine that like spits out money or just totally makes the project for you.

I mean that’s I mean that like we’re kind of already halfway there I mean we might as well go go full speed I guess I don’t know so sothere’s a couple fabric lines that are that are coming out that I’m very intrigued well one is already out so Martha Stewart might love her you might hate her I do I have always appreciated her style so no matter what there’s that so Martha Stewart has a new fabric line out it’s more like home deck fabric butit’s on fabric comm and I was looking at some of the I was looking at some of the patterns so they’re they’re definitely more heavyweight like more like you know meant for throw pillows or maybe like upholstery but I think the prints are really some of them are really cute and I really like where she’s going so I think some of its kind of like indoor/outdoor I the cotton twill looks really cool the only downside again like with a lot of these home deck fabric sit’s not machine washable so it’s like wipe with damp cloth those are the washing instructions but I noticed the fabric calm sometimes has some really great discounts on fabric if you buy multiple yards so notice on this one currently the price is 27 95 yard but if you buy three or more yard sit’s 1677 so 40% off so that’s pretty good if you buy fabric in a lot of us buy more than one fat one yard at a time so that makes it a pretty good deal and I do I think the prints are really like cute so I’m I gotta say like I’m kind ofa fan so yeah she’s got a lot of let’s see here so these are this is one of her new I really do like this lily pond collection I think the colors are really spot-on very on-trend and I really like the prints I mean who doesn’t love sailboats in leaves right so there’s a lot of I mean there’s a lot of stuff happening here

I’ll Martha Stewart thank you for this so yeah she’s got this line out on fabric calm I think it’s really cute I don’t really have a need for the home deck stuff right now but I think it’s really really cool and I like these I like all the designs I they’re definitely my my time type of style and so yeah if we when we move into a new house at some point I will definitely you know I would definitely use this for some some home projects and yeah I you know

I think her product lines tend to be pretty decent quality for the most part so I am certainly a fan all right so another line that’s coming out more of like a brand so cotton and steel definitely one of my favorite fabric brands probably of all time they both five ladies that were behind that name they actually they were working with I believe it was like I was at RJR fabrics they left for business reasons so now they’re with Mota and they’ve got a new brand that’s called Ruby star Society and I noticed they’ve been posting a lot of previews and hints and first looks on Instagram and now they’ve got all the first releases you can actually see them now on the website so let’s take a look so they’ve got their wholesale storefront open

I think a lot of shops are starting to take pre- orders they did say an Instagram that they’re going to be doing a lot more apparel fabrics and one of them was rayon I really do like the cotton in steel rayon that I purchased and that was machine washable.

I really so one thing I do hope to see out of this is that the apparel fabrics are you know easy easy laundering because I don’t really want to buy rayon if it’s dry clean only I don’t want to buy a lot of fabrics if they’re dry clean only but they’ve got some previews of the prints I love melody Miller’s work I think these the soft-serve ice cream cones are super cute the phones and the rainbows I mean oh this is so gorgeous fabrics gorgeous colors and what I love about these ladies is that their designs all really work together very well Oh Rashida calm inhale look oh you know I know I’m on a kind of on a fabric band but these I would love to get like a fat quarter bundle of these prints like B’ stop 12 prints here with like the stars of these balloon animals those are super cute the soda pop oh and records.

I just think if she is definitely one of my fit I mean all of these ladies are very talented designers and they were at quilt market this week and showing off the the fabric lines but I would love like I would especially love to see the more fun whimsical prints in the apparel fabrics like the soda pop bottles and the balloon animals.

I think that would be so cute and I’m kind of noticing like you can see the substrates like they’re gonna have obviously quilting cotton and they’re going to be doing you can kind of tell cotton linen canvas there they it looks like they are gonna have some bundles so definitely check this out I’m sure there are some shops pre selling this stuff already but oh my gosh.

I think my favorites out of this are the ice cream cones and then the balloon animals in the soda pop like if I had to get three of those prints I think those are the ones I would get I think these are so cute I really would like to see again some of these in the apparel fabric I think that would be amazing oh yes they definitely have some bundles but yeah I think my favorites yeah all the soda pop in the balloon I’m sorry I keep repeating myself but I really like those particular prints I think they’re really cool so you can definitely tell Oh zip blue ribbon okay you can kind of tell sort of what the substrates are gonna be they have a lot of pages but check out the website.

I’ve linked it in the description but man what a great looking line in these lay is there so innovated like they really changed the game for fabric especially for the modern prints I think they did alot for quilting and as far as bringing it to a more modern place oh my gosh these are okay so here’s some rayon I see this all right are they gonna haven’t wondering if they’re gonna have some of those fun prints in the rayon alright this says rayon magic at midnight come on guys all right I don’t see it on there but that okay oh and this looks very doesn’t don’t these horses look familiar and these uh these like triangles look familiar actually some of these prints and definitely looks like a lot of cotton and steel inspired designs are very similar the cats

I’m sure they probably got those up from a licensee perspectives worked out but definitely one of my favorite favorite lines Oh Oh they’ve got metallics so these just look this whole thing just looks awesome I mean they’re gonna have so oh look at this it’s a balloon animal toad all right oh how cool is that ooh so it looks like they’re also gonna do some accessories as well which is very intriguing oh look at thees Wow so they get I they have like tote bags oh this is all right this is sorry shopping now but this is very cool oh my gosh all right oh and I might need to go I may need to go back cuz.

I think I accidentally like got I think Accidentally got out of this by mistake all right hold on a second we’re just gonna hit back real quick all right so oh my gosh these are so cute all right Ruby Star Society so clearly yeah they do have a partner with Mota which again I don’t blame them they got it they got to do something all right and I wonder if you can does not really look like you could sort by like substrate but that would be kind of cool weight fabric yeah it doesn’t really look like that’s happening but I’m very curious oh this is such cute fabric anyways what’s your favorite out of all these I think out of all of them.

I think the soda pop is my favorite followed closely by the balloon animals like the balloon animals are are super cute anyways um yes so we are we’re now online shopping on a Sunday night clearly I’ve lost my mind but you you guys already knew that if you’ve been watching this for a while you already know I’m kind of out there but that’s maybe that’s what you like about this channel I don’t know either that or you are you know yeah anyways.

I really appreciate you guys do it all the support watching this channel and I love you guys and I just really appreciate all of the the love you show me every every single week but alright where are we going here okay sorry I’m having having trouble okay so let’s alright let’s see some comments here alright sorry I’m trying to like get better at like having my window so I can look at the screen alright we got some comments here hello uh is it Annie Annie got Katy rice we okay I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing that right Julie sodium is here Kirsten oh no and ani I am not sure what w6 sewing machines are I own Janome sewing machines I have a sailrite that I don’t use I have a vintage singer I’ve got a never sewn and what other one do I have I feel like.

I have more sewing machines and I have used brother in the past for my primary sewing machine and I like all of them for different reasons but if you if you have ever sewn I do think ever sewn or brother would probably be a really solid beginner sewing machine if you’re just starting out alright okay so Kirsten says you can watch the great british sewing be on the facebook page of the australian sewing guild that’s a good hack there they are posting the show one episode at a time nice alright I like that I like that little life hack there thank you for that all right all right okay so sodium likes the balloon animals too for the Ruby star society fabric yes that’s one of my favorites for sure and Jen likes the birds and Navy okay so yes alright and I really apologize for starting late this week oh my gosh I was having so much trouble getting live for some reason I was like and I saw there were people waiting .

I’m just like what is what is going on here alright so let’s see if anyone is used let’s see if there’s any sewing report squad Instagram tags here so we’ll do that all right and by the way if it is anyone watching have any of you applied to be on the great but just British sewing bee if so I would like to know what that’s like like did you get through the audition process like what all what all happened alright we’ve got a couple we’ve got a couple posts this week all right let’s take a look and I know this lady that’s posting okay so there’s two posts on hashtag sewing report squad by dr.


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