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Best Home Embroidery Machine Comparison | Ricoma vs BabyLock vs Brother vs Janome

October 23, 2019

All right so now that we know the features your home embroidery machine must have let’s take a look at the specs Let’s start with costs because that’s probably what you’re most interested in hearing about So as you can see there’s quite a bit of a leap in price there with the brother in the baby lock brands Both are very good brands, but depending on your dealer. They would charge extra for attachments, but keep in mind This is MSRP that we’re showing here so really the price will vary this is just the most accurate Representation we can get after those two there’s Janome and then with the largest gap in price. We have Rico ma being the most affordable Next let’s take a look at needles the number of needles is important because the more needles it has The more efficient the machine is because you won’t have to be switching the needle every time you have to switch the thread color these Are all pretty similar? across the board with Rico ma Baby lock and brother and then here we see that Janome is the only one that doesn’t have ten But seven is still better than a single needle or four Nieto of course now Let’s look at digitizing software most brands will include some digitizing software with the purchase Usually a light version where you can edit some already digitized designs if you’re a home embroiderer Or if you’re doing this for business chances, are you probably won’t need to do full digitizing just minimal editing Which you can definitely achieve with the light version Now let’s see how many embroidery designs are included we talked about this one briefly You’ll definitely need some designs to get you started And this is especially important with the home embroidery machine because you probably don’t want to constantly spend extra money on designs So we see Rick Coleman leads this category with 20,000 digitized designs so that definitely gives you a wide selection to choose there and With the digitized software you can add lettering and do some editing to these already digitized designs Let’s move on to the work stand most Embroidery machine companies provide a work stand with wheels in order to easily move your machine around and to have a nice dirty flat surface to place the machine on Recall my includes this work stand in the price and others have it works Then as well, but you will have to pay extra for it depending on what the street you are purchasing from moving on to the cap attachment if you’re thinking of embroidery caps You’ll definitely want a cap attachment again. This is included with the recover embroider machines the others will charge extra But they do have an equally wide calf frame the only issue for some may be that you have to pay additional for this attachment Of course not everyone is going to embroider caps so you may not need to account for that cost It’s just something to keep in mind now. Let’s take a look at speed speed is important because it will help determine How fast you can complete a project you might want to complete a project faster if you’re looking for a little side income This is pretty much the same across the board with the Ricoh my brother and baby lock The Janome is a bit slower. However moving on to the memory size This is pretty important feature because it determines how many designs your machine can hold in its eternal memory? Which is necessary for it to be? Substantial if you probably don’t want to be going back and forth deleting designs and reuploading designs to your embroidery machine memory So the Ricoh member machine actually has the same memory capacity as the standard industrial singer had in the market That’s pretty mean the brother and baby lock are tied with 500,000 stitches and the Janome has 10 megabytes of memory Maximum embroidery area this feature refers to the actual size of the design you can embroider here We see the brother and baby lock are pretty congruent and then Rico ma comes in next at 12 by 8 The Janome comes in at last nine point four by seven point nine But I’d like to say anything above nine is a decent sewing area for a home embroidery machine Next let’s take a look at how many flat hoops are included. This is the actual frame your design will be embroidered within For those of you who aren’t familiar with machine embroidery you need these to stabilize your garment and prepare it for the machine embroidery This is pretty much the same across the board again Mostly every embroider machine supply will provide some amount of flat hoops. What’s not the same across the board? However is whether or not the machine includes cap hoops This is mostly because you have to pay for a cap attachment with other suppliers of course They won’t give you a cap whoo before you even have a cap attachment the RICO, mah is the only one that includes a cap hoop in this list because It’s the only one that includes the cap attachment within the initial price Next let’s talk about the starter kit depending on which company you’re looking at your machine may come with a starter kit that includes thread bobbin backing and needles basically all the materials You need to get started on your first couple of projects the particular company We’re comparing do not include a free starter kit But the Janome does have a kit that includes materials and additional attachments for an extra twenty five hundred or so alright Let’s move on to the control panel the size of the panel is more of a cosmetic feature But it’s also very important if you want something clean and easy to see and operate Both the baby lock and brother have a ten inch touchscreen and the Ricoh mah is next with the 7-inch touchscreen Alright, now. Let’s talk warranty This is pretty standard across the board Each warranty is up to 25 years for the chasis as far as parts and labor it varies a bit by brand But it’s usually somewhere from one to two years for electronic parts is usually two to three years and for drivetrain components about five years for Acoma it’s one year for parts and labor three years for electronic parts five years for drivetrain components and 25 years for the chassis and Last we’ll go over financing which we talked about briefly already of course everyone knows Financing makes sense when you’re making a large purchase And if it can be at 0% and that’s even better because it eliminates both upfront costs and crazy interest rates Which allows you to enjoy the machine and maybe even make some side cash as you go But we’re seeing here in this section is that recom is the only company from this list that offer 0% financing at this time So that’s definitely something to keep in mind if you rather spread out your payment’s Last I would like to thank everyone for watching we hope you found this informative I know we may have both advanced embroiders and beginners watching, but we like to include what each feature means in case you’re new to embroidery and Need some perspectives on why certain features are important keep in mind We only compare the brands that are being searched for the most often of course there are many other brands you can look But the actual embroidery features are pretty much the same across the board It’s more of a matter what you get us a customer or what you get within the startup package which is what we aim for a trachoma so that’s why you can clearly see that there are many perks and Attachments that we offer on this particular list if you’re interested in learning more about the e/m or any other recoupment machine You can see our machines in actions during a live virtual demo all you have to do is fill out the form at the end of the video and you Just schedule a time and date that works for you and embroidery specialist will call you to webcam or FaceTime And show you exactly how a machines work and answer any follow-up questions you may have Again, thanks for watching and good luck on your search


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    This video is wrong.. does not come with any loaded designs.. just received my machine and it doesn’t have any! Disappointed ! No one told me this prior to buying this machine. To me this is false advertisement.

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