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hey every body welcome to Sunday night Sewing Report live I apologize for the delay I was having some technical difficulties but we do have a really good show for you so stay tuned I went to a local quilt shop this week we’re also gonna talk about a really insane Brother sewing machine that I saw chat about some new fabrics coming out and yes again I apologize that was a little insane so for all of you that were over trying to get to the pre-scheduled one for some reason that just did not work but welcome anyways

I’m Jennifer Moore host of the sewing report we talk about all all things sewing crafts and DIY projects hopefully everyone who is trying to get to the other one I’m gonna try to go to that one I know I was having all kinds of problems today for some reason I don’t know why this this live these live events last week it went fine for some reason this one for some reason this one is just not not jiving with us so if this is you welcome and hopefully hopefully you’ve made it over here but I really appreciate you joining me every Sunday evening and yes this has been a little bit of a stressful week so I’m just gonna say that right off the bat but hopefully hopefully you’re having a better week and tonight is of course the ending of Game of .

so that is kind of a nail-biter there I know last week’s episode was kind of last week’s episode was insane so not not to spoil you or anything and I’m gonna try to go over to the the event that I had and let people know that uh that we’re kind of we’re kind of moving over so we will we will see because for some reason that one just did not that one was not working out for us so I’m just gonna let everyone know over in the other apparently I have two live events Hey okay little issues alright so I’m just gonna apparently there’s 12 people waiting in another spot.

So that is less than fun so oh wait and this one alright that might be my issue is because this is private so I might have to try to start this over again okay never mind hello everyone and welcome to Sunday night sewing report live this is like attempt number three for some reason everything is going wrong today and I’m not really sure why so if you are trying to get over here from the from the per-scheduled one for some reason that one is that one was a no-go.

I don’t know why but I apologize I have a lot planned for us to talk about there’s a lot of new fabric coming out I also made it toa local quilt shop kind of randomly so that was kind of fun and if you are in the UK you can apply to be on the great British sewing bee auditions are open now.

we’re gonna chat about that and i am going to cancel the other live event so people don’t get super confused cuz that is that is not so fun so we’re gonna go ahead and cancel the other one i’m trying to do everything on the computer right now because yeah for some reason i just cannot do anything right today last week this pre scheduled show went fine this you can create a live event and it was totally good this week for some reason it just would not start so i apologize that we are rolling this out a little bit late clearly i still have a little bit of stuff two kinks to work out but yeah well we’ll see how that goes anyways welcome if this is your first time here i’m jennifer moore host of the sewing report we talk about everything sewing crafts in DIY projects and if we’re here welcome we really I really appreciate it and yes I’m just trying to figure trying to figure out how I can like cancel the other ones so people get to the right live stream anyways if you’re watching this in the replay you don’t care but that’s okay I’m bunting it today minimal we’re doing some like kind of minimal makeup so this is a really yeah I don’t know it’s a bit of a crazy time alright so I’m going to go ahead and we’re gonna like cancel the other one okay so people don’t accidentally like I’ve got two of the same stream basically with the same info okay.

so I’ve deleted the other one anyways I hope you guys are able to find your way here if this is you really apologize for all the technical difficulties but welcome so okay I was going to this workshop this week and it’s in Plant City Florida which is outside of the Tampa Bay area and I happened to come across this quilt shop that was literally in the same block so I had a little bit of time before I had to be at this workshop so I thought I would stop in to this little quilt shop it was super cute so I want to show you guys some pictures because it’s really fun so let me just pull up some stuff here okay.

so this is me this is at inspire quilting and sewing in Plant City Florida and there a brother dealer ship really really cool store really nice people and they had a lot of fabric they had a whole wall of sewing notions they had tons of stuff for bag making for embroidery they literally had a lot of things and they had a really good clearance section to it was very cool inside I really enjoyed my time there I only got to be in there for about 40 minutes but while there I got to talk to some of the folks there they were super nice very friendly and I really like how like open this quilt shop is I think that is super cool yes and if you are joining me I apologize that there’s like two live streams I kept trying to start the live event and it was not starting for some reason so finally after like five minutes I was like alright we got it we got to do something here.

so I just ended up going with like our regular live now there’s a couple options you can either start a live stream right away or you can try to pre schedule it and it helps kind of promote what’s going on but that was for some reason not it was just not not not having it today so sorry if you guys were having trouble getting in here I think I’m gonna do a little more testing but for next week just to make sure everything is cool and then when Is tride to start another live stream I accidentally set it to private cuz normally I will set it to private just so I don’t accidentally like broad cast myself and my underwear or something something kind of embarrassing but now that I actually do want it to be public I forgot to change it from private to public so it’s been one it’s it’s for one of those weeks let me tell you bu tone of the highlights though is definitely going to the inspire quilt shop so inspired quilt shop thank you very much for your hospitality I really really enjoyed my time there.

I definitely want to go back because they had a very cool they had a lot of really cool sewing machines but they had a cover stitch machine that I had my eye on so this is the brother luminaire and it’s so fancy it’s got its own like velvet tablecloth it has like the ability to project stuff on to the work surface so it’s like how all those people are putting like laser guides on their sewing machines this has a builtin it projects stuff onto there I mean who knows maybe someday it’ll be able to like project Amazon Prime video or like Netflix on there so you can watch TV while you’re sewing to not have to like look around.

but I thought this was really a neat feature it’s called stitch vision and it allows you like if you’re trying to test out a design or look at your embroidery it lets you see what’s going to go on your fabric before you actually stitch it out which is just amazing yes and this is this is not like a cheap machine it’s definitely a very high-end machine check out your brother dealership if you’re interested in this and seeing what the prices are they might have some specials but this is one of those machines that cost as much as like a you car but this is the owner Lynne showing me all the features this is just some cell phone video I took but I just thought this was like the coolest thing ever and I was like I got to get some pictures of it to show you guys.

because I just thought it was so innovative I’m like how amazing is this for real like I just could not get over how advanced sewing machines have gotten like this is this is crazy so stitch vision so and let’s also take a look I’ll show you guys the the website with some of it with the features cuz I just thought this was like I mean this this has got to be like one of the coolest things I’ve literally ever seen so this is the model it’s the luminaire I think like a Novus xp1 something like that but I mean this is just ok the luminaire and Novusxp1 and I mean how how awesome is this okay and all right yeah there we go so here’s some of the features it’s got the revolutionary stitch vision technology so you can preview stitches and embroidery designs directly under your fabric with this intelligent projection system in a five by three area also the embroidery hoop for this so this is a combo sewing and embroidery machine and the embroidery hoop is about 11 by 16 it’s just shy of 11 inches by16 the owner of Lynne actually demonstrated by putting the hoop over her head.

she was able to easily fit it over her head so it’s crazy big it’s got a really neat spring lever release frame 65 inches of square inches of workspace with 13 inches of space under the sewing machine throat which is again insane it is a built-in embroidery pointer a an action plate so you can change the needle plate without using a screw driver does echo quilting it’s got a built-in library of tutorials that you can watch on the 10inch LCD screen and I’m yeah it’s a touchscreen of course it is but I mean how how crazy is this machine like I was just like I was just looking at it and I just could not get or how how insane the features on this thing war I mean this is just it was just crazy so that was really neat to see and then the other thing I saw let me see if I can find this I was checking out that now a while ago I borrow I kind of got on loner the Janome cover stitch machine and was at the CP X I think it was 1000 or 2000 and that was really neat to try out but I’m also kind of interested in the brother cover stitch machines as well.

I have a brother serger the $200 one it’s great so while I was also at inspire quilting I saw the CV three five five oh so the CV 3550 and that was a really neat machine – this is the one that does double-sided cover stitching and I’m kind of been I’m interested in this I saw it at the store it looked really cool so it does Dover double-sided cover stitches so you can get it on both sides so instead of having like the twin you know line of stitches it has like that decorative stitching on both sides so I am I’m probably gonna go back to inspire quilting and just to kind of check that out cuz I thought that was like that was just incredible.

I they have a lot of machines I was half for some reason I mean I know I live in Tampa but I I have not really seen a lot of brother dealerships and definitely not one that was like a quilt shop so I thought that was really neat but if you are in Florida ever and you find yourself in the Tampa Bay area I do really think that inspired quilting is a place to check out they were very friendly and I thought the prices were pretty reasonable.

I did pick up a few things tos how my support for small businesses so I mean not that I need anything else but I’ve never tried out the buy Annie mesh fabric and I’m kind of interested just to make some maybe some pouches or something like I could use this for pockets so I got picked up a little bit of that I also picked up I’m gonna do may be like a 4th of July like patriotic type project I got some toweling fabric by and this stuff is 16 inches wide and you you know I think each one makes about I should have gotten two yards because I could have made like three towels out of it but I got one yard of each but basically you just have to hem the edges and then you get you get like really cool kitchen towels.

so I got a couple yards of that sorry I think that just scraped my microphone and I also got wait where are they I saw these somewhere else and I wanted to try these but these are called magic pins and I will open them now they’re heat-resistant and I guess the grip is really comfortable so I thought these were you know intriguing to me I always loved new pins I never replace my pins and I know I probably should more often so I thought I would grab some new pins so let’s let’s see what these aren’t like oh wait did I just break okay did I just break the case hopefully not so these are heat resistant so sort of like those the pins with the buttons on it that I also have this you can put your iron on and it won’t hurt them so I mean I thought these were just worth the trying out I thought they were kind of cute I like the design so you know why not I thought I would go for it we’ll see how it does on fine fabrics though because I do really like my silk my pins for silk because they don’t leave whole noticeable holes and stuff so that’s why I like those that’s why I like those pins but anyway so that was my trip to inspire quilting but very nice people.

I had a great time so if you are in the area definitely check them out okay so this is for you guys if you are in the UK lucky you lucky ducks I got an email from the producers of the Great British sewing bee and they’re looking for new applicants for an upcoming season so here is the web link if you are interested you have about about a week to apply so if you are in that area and you feel like you would be a good fit for the show.

I would certainly encourage you to to fill out an application and give it a go because I think it looks like fun I don’t really I wish is there a way to watch the great British sewing bee here in the US I don’t know but if there is that would be cool because I would be interested in watching it although sadly we are going to be canceling we’ve decided to cancel our Netflix subscription because we got HBO GO so you know r.


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